VHS_WorldsCoasterThrills[VHS: Goldhil Video – 1995 – 65 mins]. American culture touches every corner of the globe and the fascination for getting scared out of your wits on roller coasters is no exception. Features: Dragon Mountain (Marineland, Canada); Pepsi Max Big One (Blackpool Pleasure Beach); Nemesis (Alton Towers); Shockwave (Drayton Manor Park); Olympia Looping Bahn (German Fairs); La Montaña Rusa (La Feria Chapultepec Magico); Big Dipper (Luna Park, Sydney Australia); Thunderbolt (Dreamworld, Australia); Corkscrew (SeaWorld, Australia); Desperado (Buffalo Bill’s); Dragon Khan (Port Aventura); Dragon (Ocean Park, Hong Kong). (Also available on DVD). ANDY SHINE SAYS: Even with the enclosed glasses, there is no 3-D effect. It is a good programme, with great front seat action. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.