DVD_WorldsFairsBoxSet[DVD: St.Clair Entertainment Group, Inc. – 2008 – 342 mins +extras]. [Disk 1 / 62 mins] The Century’s first world’s fairs came together in San Francisco and Chicago to showcase accomplishments in arts, design, education, international trade, engineering and more… (1915 San Francisco International Exposition= “Panama-Pacific International Exposition Revisited,” “San Francisco: The Story of the Jewel City,” “San Francisco World’s Fair.” 1933-34 Chicago World’s Fair= “A Century Of Progress,” and “Chicago World’s Fair”). [Disk 2 / 191 mins] In 1939 New York hosted an international exposition, its theme: “The World of Tomorrow.” The San Francisco International Exposition focused on the beauty of the Pacific and mankind’s advancements in construction and technology… (1939 New York World’s Fair= “Leave It To Roll-Ho,” “To New Horizons,” “The World Tomorrow.” 1939 San Francisco International Exposition= “Golden Gate International Exposition,” “San Francisco International Exposition,” “Farewell To Treasure Island,” and “San Francisco World’s Fair 1940”). [Disk 3 / 89 mins] Step through the lens of 1960s world’s fairs in New York and Seattle… (1964 New York World’s Fair= “Fair From On High: Monorail Offers Bird’s Eye View,” “Progress Report: Unisphere – Biggest World On Earth,” “To The Fair,” “Out of This World.” 1962 Seattle World’s Fair= “Century 21 Calling”). ANDY SHINE SAYS: I particularly enjoyed the later material. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.