TheOutdoorAmusementIndustry[Book: William F. Mangels – 1952 – 14x22cm – 206 Pages – A few B&W prints]. Public amusement is as old as recorded history. The Greeks had their Olympic games; the Romans, their chariot races. Even in the Dark Ages and in medieval times, the common man of Europe sought amusement on occasion… Chapter Points: Outdoor Amusement Resorts; Early American Amusement Parks; Carnivals; Coney Island; Amusement Devices; The Carrousel; Merry-Go-Round Music; The Roller Coaster; Centrifugal Pleasure Railways; Pleasure Wheels; Water Amusement Rides; Oscillating and Circle Swings; Flat Rides; Observation and Parachute Towers; World’s Fairs; Funhouses and Illusion Rides; Menageries; Dance Halls; Festive Lights; Fireworks; Miscellaneous Attractions; Appendix. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.