VHS_WildRidesMattDillon[VHS: Warner Home Video – 1982 – 27 mins]. Join roller coaster enthusiast Matt Dillon, in a unique journey across the country to explore the twists and turns that roller coastering has to offer. A series of five mini-dramas filmed aboard US coasters: “Colossus” (Six Flags Magic Mountain); “The Great American Scream Machine” and “Triple Loop Mindbender” (Six Flags Over Georgia); “Roaring Tiger” and “Flying Daredevil” (Barnum and Bailey’s Circus World); “Texas Cyclone” (AstroWorld). Music by The Who (“You”); Dave Mason (“Nothing To Fear”); Steve Miller (“Livin’ In The U.S.A.”); Steely Dan (“St. Louis Too-Do-Loo”); The Cars (“Don’t Cha Stop”); and Jimi Hendrix (“Fire”). Also features a brief history of the roller coaster with archive footage. ANDY SHINE SAYS: This programme is more to do with music and drama than roller coasters. Look for the chalk mark on the handrail of Colossus’ lift hill instructing Matt Dillon where to stop and talk to camera as he introduces the final drama. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.