DVD_10CentsATicket[DVD: WBGU-PBS – 2007 – 29 mins +125 mins of extras]. “10¢ A Ticket – The Stories & Glories of Old Amusement Parks” explores the history of 19 parks that once dotted Northwest and West Central Ohio. The rise and fall of each amusement park is described in this documentary, produced and directed by Tom Zapiecki. Interviews with the men and women who worked, played and, in some cases, lived at your favourite amusement parks will stir up old memories and give you a glimpse of the fun times had by thousands! The extra material features extended interviews and historic photographs donated by area historical societies and museums. Chapter Points: Introduction (main feature); Presque Isle; Lake Erie Park & Casino; White City; Willow Beach; Walbridge Park; Wee Tee Amusements / Kiddieland; Forest Park; Vollmar’s Park; Riverside Park; Sam Reeves Park; Meadowbrook; Seccaium; McCullough; McBeth Park; Hover; Sandy Beach (Indian Lake); Gordon State Park; Edgewater. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Some of the parks are only afforded a very brief mention. It’s an informative programme with many extras. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.