DorneyParkIoA[Book: Wally Ely & Bob Ott – 2003 – 16x23cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. Dorney Park (Allentown, Pennsylvania) was founded by Solomon Dorney in 1884. The park was owned by Dorney until the early 1900s, when Jacob Plarr assumed ownership. The Plarr family operated the park until 1985. Today it is known as Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom and illustrates the development of one of America’s greatest historic amusement parks. Pictures of the Allentown amusement park from the 1880s to the 1900s, including the roller coaster, carousel and other important rides in the park. Chapter Points: In the Beginning; Castle Garden; Merry-Go-Rounds; Roller Coasters; Swimming Pool and Zoorama; Trains; Racetrack; Everything Else. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.