PaintedPonies[Book: William Manns, Peggy Shank & Marianne Stevens – 1986 – 24x30cm – 256 Pages – Many colour photos]. The joyous carousel rekindles wonderful childhood memories. These icons of yesteryear were carved around the turn-of-the-century, when more than 6,000 of them revolved to the brassy tune of the band organ. Storms, fires and neglect have taken their toll; only slightly more than 200 have survived. This book is a larger -than- life look at these vanishing antique treasures. Chapter Points: America’s Carousel Heritage; Gustav and William Dentzel; Daniel C. Muller; The PTC; Charles Looff; William F. Mangels; Marcus C. Illions; Stein & Goldstein; Charles Carmel; Charles W. Dare; Charles W. Parker; Armitage Herschell; Herschell / Spillman; Spillman Engineering; Allan Herschell; Carousel Preservation; Collecting and Restoring Carousel Art; Carousel Directory. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.