IndianaBeach[Book: W.C. Madden – 2014 – 15x23cm – 146 Pages – Many B&W photos]. From its humble beginnings as a place to swim and row a boat, Ideal Beach (Monticello, Indiana) eventually became Indiana Beach, a small amusement park where families could have good old-fashioned fun. Founded by Earl Spackman in 1926, its popularity was bolstered by the addition of a dance hall where the top bands performed during the Depression and war years of the 1940s. When Earl passed away, his son Tom Spackman Jr. continued his legacy, setting Indiana Beach on a course that would make it one of the most popular vacation resorts and amusement parks in the entire Midwest, delighting one million visitors every year. Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Introduction; Ideal Beach; Indiana Beach Begins; A Time for Change; The Spackman Family Sells the Park; The Spackman Family; Concessionaires; Haunted Indiana Beach; Reviews; Bibliography; Index; About the Author. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.