[Book: Christopher Flade / Sacha Szabo – 2011 – 15x21cm – 128 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “‘From Kulturpark Berlin to the Spreepark Plänterwald’ provides an insightful tour through the famous Berlin amusement park. Since its closing on the 5th November 2001, the abandoned Spreepark-Plänterwald amusement park has become overgrown with weeds and its rotting attractions strike a poetic image of decay. And yet, when you look at this terrain, you can still hear the hustle and bustle of 40 years of fun and excitement.” Selected Chapter Points: Introduction; The History Of Kulturpark And Spreepark; The History Of The Egg House; On The Way To Pleasure; The Entrance Into A World Beyond Everyday Life; Memories Of The Cultural Park; Rotating Cups (ride); Leisure In The GDR; Pirate Ship (ride); Anxiety And Thrill Creations; Jet Star (roller coaster); Culture Shops; Spreeblitz (roller coaster); Changing Times In The Leisure Park; Area Attractions Including The Giant Ferris Wheel; Experiences In The Spreepark; From A Fairground To A Theme Park; “Ferris Wheel” (ride); Welcome To The Spreepark; “Grand Canyon” (water ride); The Attractions In The Park; Legends Around The Spreepark; The Nerve-Tingling Roller Coaster; Well, Why Does Man Want To Be Happy? “Ghost House” and “Ghost Castle” (attractions); Spreepark Is Hustle And Bustle All Year; Life In The Closed Spreepark; The Spreepark Today; The Decay Of The Park; A Spreepark Essay; Bibliography; References; About The Authors; Acknowledgements. (German script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.