SurpriseYourself[Book: – 2012 – 20x20cm – 82 Pages – Full colour]. Surprise yourself at the theme parks and touristic attractions of Brazil. Great amusement parks and tourist attractions – enchanted worlds that stimulate fantasy offering new and unforgettable experiences. And inside, there are shows, circuses, roller coasters, frightening castles, water slides, etc. Chapter Points: Introduction. Theme Parks= Beach Park; Beto Carrero World; Hopi Hari; Hot Park; Magic City; Ma-noa Park; Mirabilândia; Xuxa’s World; Playcenter; Wet’n Wild. Tourist Attractions= Alpen Park; Sugar Loaf Cable Car; Corcovado Train; Itaipu Touristic Complex; National Marine Park of Fernando de Noronha; National Park of Iguaçu; Unipraias; Vale Verde. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.