VHS_VintageCartoonsAndComedies[VHS: Encore Entertainment – 1929~ – 58 mins]. (5 films). [1]= “On The Loose” (1932 / 20 mins) A Hal Roach comedy starring Thelma Todd and Zasu Pitts. Pity these poor girls, every boyfriend they get takes them to Coney Island, with guest appearances by Laurel & Hardy. [2]= “Fish Hooky” (1933 / 17 mins) Our Gang / The Little Rascals’ school goes for a day’s outing at Santa Monica Pier. [3]= “Noah’s Lark” (1929 / 8 mins) Early sound Max Fleisher cartoon. Old Noah gives the animals shore leave at Coney Island. [4]= “The Fun House” (1936 / 6 mins) Oswald the Rabbit visits a closed Fun House. [5]= “Abusement Park” (1947 / 7 mins) This classic Popeye cartoon sees the sailor and his nemesis competing for Olive Oyl’s affections at carnival games and aboard various rides. ANDY SHINE SAYS: The Oswald animation bored me, but the other films were rather amusing. “On The Loose” features some lengthy funhouse footage with electrified cattle prods and mechanical devices providing many of the gags! ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.