BlackpoolIlluminationsToulmin[Book: Vanessa Toulmin – 2012 – 25x27cm – 196 Pages – Full colour]. Blackpool Illuminations – The Greatest Free Light Show On Earth. Chapter Points: Foreword – The Light Fantastic; Introduction – A National Treasure; A Royal Affair – A Century of the Lights; Inter-War Years – Gleaming Nights of Beauty; The Big Switch On – Celebrities Turn On The Lights; Disney Comes to Town – Partners on the Prom; Illuminated Trams – Lighting Up The Promenade; The Lights Return – Post-War Expansion; Space Age & Beyond – The Modern Era; Designing the Lights – The Unsung Heroes (Sid Howell, Albert Howell, Charlie Crowther, Bob Bradshaw, Emilios Hatjoullis, Alan Cockcroft, Graham Ogden); The New Millennium – Lighting Up The Future. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.