DoinThePuyallup[Book: Val Dumond – 1991 – 22x29cm – 250 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. The entire community turned out for the first fair in Puyallup in 1900, and they’ve been Doin’ The Puyallup ever since. This illustrated history takes you to the Western Washington Fair through good times and bad as seen through the eyes of people who were there: exhibitors, concessionaires, directors, reporters and fair-goers. Chapter Points: Let’s Have a Show! (1900-1909); Ballyhoo Draws the Crowds (1910-1919); Those Wild and Crazy ’20s (1920-1929); Enter the Freeway (1930-1939); War and the Comeback (1940-1949); Good Show for Kids (1950-1959); A Decade of Change (1960-1969); “The Fair’s Burning” (1970-1979); Fun Packs ‘Em In (1980-1989); And the Show Goes On (1990–); Remembering “The Puyallup.” Appendix. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.