Up&Down[Book: Ralph Latotzki – 2015 – 20x26cm – 354 Pages – Many colour photos]. To celebrate the 100th birthday of the oldest wooden rollercoaster in Europe that still exists (Tivoli Gardens’ Rutschebanen 1914-), Up & Down presents every ride installation during the modern era of the wooden rollercoaster in Europe until today, and provides insights into the technical development of this ride type. Additionally, this book includes portraits of the people and the companies involved in the construction of those imposing structures. Chapter Points: Introduction; 1914-1939 (+Companies, People, and Rollercoasters – Rutschebanen x2, Scenic Railway, Hullámvasút, Montaña Suiza, Roller Coaster, Nickelodeon Streak, Blue Flyer, Grand National, Big Dipper, Cyclone, and Texas Tornado). 1950-1979 (+Companies, People, and Rollercoasters – Hochschaubahn, Tyrolean Tubtwist, Vuoristorata, Wild Mouse, Water Chute, and Vikingar). 1989-2014 (+Companies, People, and Rollercoasters – Anaconda, Pegasus, Sierra Tonante, Antelope, Megafobia, Runaway Coaster, Stampida, Tomahawk, Tonnerre de Zeus, Bandit, Wilde Maus, King Solomon’s Mines, Magnus Colossus, Robin Hood, Colossos, Loup Garou, Thunder Coaster, Coaster Express, Balder, Falken, Thunderbird, Troy, Mammut, El Toro, Joris en de Draak, Twister, and Wodan). Analysis; Annex. [Text is in both English and German]. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.

  • Brian W

    The book was intended to reflect only roller coasters still existing in 2000. I know Ralf from work and when I asked him about the Cyclone at Morecambe today that was the explanation.