TrilliumAndTorontoIsland[Book: Mike Filey – 2010 The Centennial Edition – 23x23cm – 120 Pages – Many B&W, few colour photos]. The year was 1910, and signs of progress were in the air. That June, a new steam ferry for the Toronto Ferry Company was launched and christened Trillium. After 46 years of service the ferry retired in 1956, only to be saved from the scrap yard in 1973. The Trillium made its second debut in 1976 as a fully operational steam ferry and is still in service today. As the Trillium reaches the century mark, we follow its remarkable rise, fall, and rebirth in a book that also honours Toronto’s most interesting treasures […including Hanlan’s Point Amusement Park, which was often promoted as “Canada’s Coney Island”]. Chapter Points: Forewords; Prefaces; Acknowledgements; Early History of Toronto Island; Life on Ward’s, Centre, and Hanlan’s Point; The Polson Iron Works; Rebirth of the Trillium; Credits. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.