DVD_TowerOfTerror[DVD: Theme Parkology – 2013 – 46 mins +bonus]. On July 22, 1994 at the Disney-MGM Studios in Florida a decrepit hotel reopened its doors to allow guests to visit the vintage Hollywood Tower Hotel, which had closed its property in 1939 after five passengers disappeared in the hotel’s elevator during a freak lightning storm. Guests are encouraged to explore the hotel’s cobweb-draped lobby and library which is filled with many curiosities. From there, guests take a ride in a service elevator, which mysteriously launches its unsuspecting passengers up the elevator shaft for the ride of their lives. Dare to travel to the Fifth Dimension as we journey through the history of Disney’s decaying hotel: The Tower of Terror. This DVD features an interview with voice-over actor, Mark Silverman, who voiced the attraction (emulating Rod Serling from The Twilight Zone television series). ANDY SHINE SAYS: I learned much from this programme, including the names of the five lost elevator passengers: Dewey Todd Jr, Gilbert London, Caroline Crosson, Emmeline Partridge, and Sally Shine (no relation). I particularly enjoyed the references to the Twilight Zone TV series. The 5-minutes bonus “Tower of Terror – The Mystery” has New York Globe-Telegraph reporter, Manfred Strang, explaining the backstory of Tokyo DisneySea’s Hotel Hightower / Tower of Terror. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.