TheStoryOfStorybookLand[Book: Tina Skinner – 2008 – 22x28cm – 98 Pages – Full colour]. Storybook Land (near Atlantic City, New Jersey) is a wonderful treasure you’ll want to share. It lives on as one of America’s few remaining family-owned amusement parks. Designed for children 10 and under, it’s equally delightful for their chaperones. The lovingly cared for park is furnished with antiques and lavished with flowers, its rides and attractions related to favorite childhood stories and rhymes. Meet the creator of this park, share their memories, and relive your own. Chapter Points: The Early Days; A Roadside Stand; Art, Craftsmanship, and Character; Rhyme and Storybook Time; Fairy Tales and Literary Fantasy; Thrills and Excitement; A Veritable Zoo; Holidays Year Round; Continuing A Tradition. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.