DVD_FontaineFerryParkLostFootage[DVD: Tim Young Productions – 2009 – 31 mins +extras]. You won’t believe your eyes! Vibrant colour footage of Louisville’s (Kentucky) beloved Fontaine Ferry Park, rediscovered after four decades since the park’s closing in 1969, brings your fondest memories back to life. Summer scenes from the 1940s through to the ’60s puts you into your favourite rides, including the blue and red trains of the famed Comet roller coaster. Chapter selection: Opening; The 1940s; The 1950s; The 1960s. Extras include: an interview with Comet brakeman Frank “Pappy” Aubrey; Comet Construction (1950); Director Interview (Jerry L. Rice). ANDY SHINE SAYS: There’s some remarkable colour footage affording a snapshot of what Fontaine Ferry Park offered its delighted patrons across three decades. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.

  • cd0348

    I would hesitate to call Fountaine Ferry “beloved”, unless you qualified it further by adding “by white people”. I did go to Fountaine Ferry when I was a child because my.grand mother worked in the restaurant there and my mother used to delight in dragging me and my sister there to visit. Yes, I did enjoy it but I was too young to understand the policy of exclusion of other races. Further limiting my enjoyment of the visits to the park was the bus ride from the Clarksdale projects all of the way to the Shawnee area of Louisville. Mother used to take a thermos filled with booze. By the time she was ready to leave she would be three sheets to the wind. It then became my job to get us on the correct bus and back to the projects. That always involved having to awaken my mother who would be passed out before we reached our destination. She was never in a good mood when I had to do that. So…..beloved? I think not. By the time the park was closed I was on active duty in the Air Force, never to return to Louisville. As I remember I thought good riddance to that dump. My feelings today as well.