FunlandUSA[Book: Tim Onosko – 1978 – 13x21cm – 296 Pages – Many B&W photos and maps]. The complete guidebook to 100 major amusement and theme parks all across the USA. Rides, shows, games, history – a treasure trove of valuable information on America’s greatest holiday attractions. Chapter Points: Introduction; The Phenomenon of the Parks; A History of Amusement Parks (The Traditional Park and Theme Park Era); The Life and Death of an Amusement Park (Riverview Park, Chicago, Illinois); How to Build a Theme Park; Behind the Scenes (Intamin, Arrow Development, Interview with John Allen, Interview with Randall Duell, WED Enterprises, Future General Corporation); Amusement Park Anthology (“Round and Round” by Tom Prideaux. “The Ultimate Roller Coaster” by Robert Cartmell. “My Amusement Park of the Future” by Isaac Asimov); Getting Your Money’s Worth. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.