DVD_ThrillRiders1[DVD: – 2004 – 135 mins]. (1 of 2) Featuring all manner of travelling thrill rides in the German fair circuit across 10 chapters. See Breakdancer; Euro Star; Alpina Bahn; Booster; Hexentanz; Star World; Black Hole; Extrem; Magic Spinning Coaster; 1001 Nacht; Crazy Coaster, and more. Observe the ‘build up’ of some of your favourite rides: Olympia Looping; Power Tower; Dreier Looping and others. Contains four Picture-Shows displaying over 300 ride photographs. ANDY SHINE SAYS: With this sort of programme you may navigate to find points of interest, rather than watch from start to finish. German fair enthusiasts should enjoy this. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.