DVD_ThrillRiders2[DVD: – 2006 – 106 mins]. (2 of 2) Programme 1 (42-mins) features: Swinging Galleon; Break Dancer #2; Move It!; Frisbee; Top Spin #1; Insider #1 (Shaker); Star Flyer; Wilde Maus; Olympia Looping; Wave Swinger; Tango; Virus; Flipper (Superbowl); Surf Dance; Disk’O; Imperator. Programme 2 (41-mins) shows the build-up of some of your favourite attractions: Break Dance #1; Giant Wheel; Techno Power; Drop Tower; Shaker; High Energy (Star Shape). Programme 3 (24-mins) focuses exclusively on the build-up of the travelling suspended coaster: Euro Star. Also features a slideshow of 300 ride photographs. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Sure to appeal to the kirmes fanatic. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.