DVD_TheStoryOfAltonTowers[DVD: Gary Kelsall & Simon Lowe – 2005 – 60 mins]. The story of Alton Towers (Staffordshire, England), as a place of fun, thrills and magic since the 1830s! Crowds have flocked to this magical place ever since – to the great fairs, wakes and firework extravaganzas in the 1890s -through to the funfairs of the 1950s- and into modern times, from the unveiling of The Corkscrew in 1980 through to the present. We take a look, and ride upon, the remarkable gravity-defying rides of today, such as Oblivion, Air, Nemesis and Rita Queen of Speed, with fascinating insights from Roller Coaster guru, John Wardley. This is the story of Alton Towers today and yesterday. Re-live the magic and wonderment of nearly two centuries of Alton Towers! ANDY SHINE SAYS: It is a shame that there’s nothing in this programme about former rides or park maintenance. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.