DVD_QED-MostSwingingSwirling[DVD: BBC Worldwide / Films For The Humanities & Sciences – 1986 – 30 mins]. Original BBC Broadcast title: QED – “Most Swirling, Swinging, Sliding, Spinning, Up and Down Ride of Your Life.” Do you want to know where to sit on a roller coaster to get the biggest thrill? Engineers use the principles of physics to design amusement park rides. Viewers will be catapulted along a roller coaster, slammed into their seats, glued against a wall, shot down a luge course, and swung around on an hellacious ride they call “The Corkscrew.” Learn of the relationship between kinetic and potential energy, vectors, speed, friction, and acceleration in an exciting real-world format. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Featuring the various rides and attractions of Blackpool Pleasure Beach, West Midland Safari Park, Alton Towers, Wicksteed Park, Morecambe Pleasure Park, AstroWorld, Kings Island and others. Narrated by Anthony Clare, this is a memorable TV programme from the ’80s. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.