AmusementParksNewsItem[Book: The News-Item – 1998 – 22x29cm – 96 Pages – B&W photos throughout]. Visit some of Pennsylvania’s most treasured amusement parks. See Edgewood Park in its beautiful setting with patrons aboard the Junior Coaster and the Scenic Railway. Next up is Doodlebug Park, a park created by someone young at heart (Mode Foieri) for the very young, marvel at the Little Dipper roller coaster and the Miniature Railroad. Catch the trolley to Maysville Park; the park was opened and maintained by the Shamokin and Mount Carmel Transit Company. Island Park was located on Packer Island and was a popular destination for picnickers and pleasure seekers. Pay a brief visit to Lithia Springs (1922-1965), and Rolling Green Park. Finally it’s off to Knoebels with their Strato-ship, Big Wheel, High Speed Thrill Coaster and more. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.