DVD_TheLifeAndTimesOfCrystalBeach[DVD: Cathy Herbert, Janet Truckenbrodt & Paul Kassay Jr. – 2003 – 60 mins]. A fond and affectionate documentary about the legendary amusement park and its effect on the community. This production will show you how the village was so entwined with the fabric of the park that they were almost as one. See the Dance Hall come alive once more to the tune of the many great bands of the era that were fortunate enough to play there, and journey aboard the famed Canadiana. Featuring on and off-ride footage of the legendary woodies: The Cyclone, The Giant Coaster (Side-Friction) and the Comet. Witness the final moments of Crystal Beach Amusement Park (Ontario, Canada) during its eventual demolition in 1989. ANDY SHINE SAYS: An affectionate look at a park long gone. Memories will come flooding back. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.

  • Derek Sailors

    This was my fourth video of this great park. Not my favorite but another good one. This video digs rather deep beyond the park itself showing some of the village cottages and restaurants. Some great footage of the Giant Coaster, Cyclone and the Comet. I rate this one a 7/10.