VHS_UltraScienceThrillRides[VHS: The Learning Channel – 1996 – 30 mins]. The Ferris wheel and roller coaster were the first to thrill us with motion, but the amusement park ride of today is going through a period of rapid evolution. Discover the descendants of the thrill rides of today, like the “Space Shot” and the “Ghost Train.” Different limits apply to “real” and “virtual” rides. Rides shown: Steel Phantom (Kennywood); Ultra Twister (Korakuen); Drop Zone (Paramount’s Great America); Ice Tunnel (Universal Studios); Back To The Future (Universal Studios); Haircut (Disney, Florida); Alien Encounter (Disney World); Earthquake (Universal Studios); Test Track (EPCOT). With contributions from: Alan Schilke (Arrow), Yoshio Saegusa (Togo), and Douglas Trumble (IMAX). ANDY SHINE SAYS: This programme spends too long investigating simulators and virtual reality systems. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.