[Book: Guy Belshaw and The Fairground Heritage Trust – 2017 – 21x27cm – 118 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “Author and historian Guy Belshaw explores the history of one of the most enduring and iconic fairground attractions of the twentieth century. Corny, scary, or both? Many children claim to have had several rides but seen nothing, as their eyes were tightly shut. This book pays homage to the builders, showmen and the artists who have put their stamp on the macabre ride over the decades since they first appeared in the 1930s. With a foreword by illusionist and Ghost Train owner, Richard Cadell, this book takes you inside the spooky world of the Ghost Train.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgements; Foreword (Richard Cadell); Introduction; The Ghost Show; Pepper’s Ghost; Moving Pictures; Inventing the Dark Ride; The Ghost Train by Arnold Ridley; Harry Kamiya; Travelling Ghost Trains [1]; Orton, Sons & Spooner; Robert J. Lakin & Co.; Hayes Fabrication; Johnny Scott; Bland’s Engineering; Supercar; Gilbert Chadwick; John Lock; Lawrence Appleton; Travelling Ghost Trains [2]; Amusement Parks; Cadell’s Terror Castle; Carnesky’s Ghost Train; Building up the Ghost Train; Decoration; Roger Vinney; Paul Wright; The Horror Film; Continental Ghost Trains; Ghost Train Recollections; Ghost Train Trivia. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.