FrancoBritishWhiteCityLondonExhibition1908[Book: Andrew Gill – 2015 – 15x23cm – 52 Pages – Many B&W photos]. In 1908, an international exhibition was held in London. The site was near Shepherd’s Bush and later became known as ‘White City’ because all of the Pavilions were painted white. The Exhibition was a combination of a travel and trade show and theme park, with educational displays, amusements and attractions for the general public [including the Canadian Scenic Railway, the Renard Road Train, and the Giant Flip-Flap]. Although several international exhibitions and world fairs had been held since the 1851 ‘Crystal Palace’ Great Exhibition, this was the first time that two countries had collaborated on such an event and it was hoped that it would foster closer trading and political relations between Britain and France. The Exhibition was a great success and, over a period of six months, attracted over eight million visitors. This booklet reproduces 59 magic lantern slides that take us on a guided tour around the Exhibition. The text is the lecture script (known as reading) that accompanied the slides at the time they were published. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.