TheFairgroundHeritageCentre[Book: The Fairground Heritage Trust – 2010 – 20x21cm – 56 Pages – Full colour]. An illustrated guide to Dingles Fairground Heritage Centre (Devon, England). Chapter Points: Welcome To The Fairground Heritage Centre (by David Wallis); Background To The Collection; Robert Edwards & Sons LTD Super Chariot Racer; Robert Edwards & Sons LTD Super Dodgems; Robert Edwards & Sons LTD Supersonic Skid; Robert Edwards & Sons LTD Galloping Horses; William Wilson’s Rodeo Switchback. Elizabeth Brett’s Ghost Train; Robert Edwards’ Speedway Track; Travelling Shows; Dr. Edwin Lawrence’s Cinematograph Show Wagon; Stalls And Games; Percival’s Palace of Pleasure; Arthur Swift’s Children’s Roundabout; Anderton & Rowland Collection; Charles Heal’s Living Wagon; Painted And Carved Panels; John Powell’s Motorcycles; A.G. Clowes’ Chariot Racing Scene; Sam Crow’s Dodgem Racing Cars; Ashley Bros’ Noah’s Ark Bull Fighting Scene; Joe Ling’s Moonrocket Popeye; Fairground Models; Compton Cinema Organ; Acknowledgements. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.