DreamlandExpo2014[Book: Stephen Mina, Lucy Austin and others – 2014 – 30x37cm – 12 Pages – B&W and colour photos]. Limited Edition Newspaper (only 5,000 printed). “Dreamland Expo: a past, present, and future. The local community, Dreamland supporters and volunteers have worked together to raise funds and transform this space into a vintage style Visitor and Learning Arcade evoking the atmosphere of Dreamland (Margate, England), charting the revival of one of the UK’s best loved amusement parks, in the exciting lead up to Dreamland’s Phase One opening in 2015. Featuring a celebration of British youth culture, rides restoration and looking forward to things to come…” Chapter Points: Come One… Come All (foreword); Things To Come; Brief History of The Space; The Dreamland Cinema; Commemorating 50 Years of British Youth Culture (“Wild Ones ‘Beat Up’ Margate” by Jan Wheatley); The Weekend Started Here!; Margate Calling: The Sound of Dreamland (by Neil Sparkes and Nick Dermot); Iain Aitch +The Concept of Cool (by Iain Aitch); Scenic Railway; Rides Restoration – Whip, Gallopers +Pinball Museum; Acknowledgements; Contact Us. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Encouraging.