DVD_TheDayTheEarthCaughtFire[DVD: A British Lion Films-Pax Films Picture – 1961 – 98 mins]. When the United States and the Soviet Union simultaneously set off nuclear explosions, The London Daily Express begins to report on bizarre worldwide weather changes. But when reporters dig deeper they discover the blasts have knocked the Earth off its axis and hurtling towards the sun. Now with scorching heat, floods and chaos, mankind is left with one last hope: A final massive detonation that will either re-balance Earth’s orbit or destroy our world forever. (Closed Captioned). ANDY SHINE SAYS: This award winning film features scenes recorded at Battersea Park in London and on Palace Pier in Brighton. See the various rides including John Collins’ Big Dipper. The five minutes of parks’ footage makes it worthy of a mention here. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.