DVD_TheDayTheAmusementDied[DVD: – 2009 – Two programmes on one disk – 18 mins]. Programme 1 [9 mins]: “The Day the Amusement Died.” In 1993, flood survivors Margaret Funk, Gertrude Jackoniski and Zeno Tranel shared their memories of the Union Park (Dubuque, Iowa) flood of July 9, 1919. On that date, four of their family members, including Gertrude’s mother, sister and brother, lost their lives at Union Park… here is their story. Programme 2 [9 mins]: “The Spirit Remains.” Take a tour of the Union Park ruins. See the current site of the former Union Park trolley loop, caretaker’s house +remains, roller coaster valley, ‘fishpond’ +remains, Dance Pavilion and Rustic Band Stand, Mammoth Theatre, sidewalks and lamp posts +surviving iron lamp posts, children’s playground +children’s pool, and the ‘Death Pavilion’ where many flood victims lost their lives. ANDY SHINE SAYS: The first programme is narrated by three survivors of the 1919 flood and features 70+ images of Union Park, including postcards and newspaper cuttings reporting the flash-flood and its aftermath. The second programme is narrated by Sue Boelk as we tour through Union Park today. Both programmes were produced by Mike Day. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.