TheCrystalPalaceIsOnFire[Book: Alison Edwards and Keith Wyncoll – 1992 – Second edition – 21x30cm – 60 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “The Crystal Palace is on Fire! – Memories of the 30th November 1936.” The Crystal Palace (Sydenham, London) was destroyed in the biggest peacetime conflagration England had ever known. This “Palace of the People,” constructed of iron and glass, had been a centre for “enlightenment and entertainment” for more than 80 years. Read interviews with fire-fighters, police, Palace staff and those who witnessed the spectacle from near and far. Their memories form the core of this in-depth study of the fire and its background. Was it an accident, or was it arson? We share the theories which abounded at the time and are still the subject of many a debate today. These, together with previously unpublished official records, are examined in an attempt to solve the mystery of the Crystal Palace fire. Chapter Points: Introduction; “Quick, Girl, the Palace is on Fire!”; Palace of the People; The Night the Palace Burnt Down; Save the South Tower!; The Aftermath; Accident or Arson?; End of an Era; Facts and Figures; BBC Radio Transcript; Letter to a Loved One; The Concealed Inferno. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.