DVD_TheBeastFrom20000Fathoms[DVD: Warner Bros. – 1953 – 76 mins]. Near the Arctic Circle, an atomic bomb is detonated. This disturbs the sleep of a giant Rhedosaurus encased in ice for over 100 million years and sends it southward on a destructive rampage to run amok through New York City before being conquered in a spectacular Coney Island roller coaster finale. (Carries optional subtitles). ANDY SHINE SAYS: The final eight minutes sees the creature trapped within the turns of a wooden roller coaster. A train is sent around the broken course while pursuers fire isotope-shots from the top of the lift hill. Extras include two documentaries: “The Rhedosaurus and The Roller Coaster – Making the Beast” & “Harryhausen & Bradbury – An Unfathomable Friendship” +a hidden bonus and four trailers. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.