The50BiggestFerrisWheels[Book: Nick Weisenberger – 2015 – 15x23cm – 132 Pages – Few B&W photos]. “The race to build the largest observation wheel is on! Ferris wheels have been around for over one hundred years but have only just recently begun climbing to new heights. The classic Ferris wheel can be found towering over almost every amusement park and carnival midway. Today, these giant, high-tech observation wheels are becoming status symbols for cities around the world. The race to build the biggest is heating up. Who invented the Ferris wheel? How do they work? Where are the most unique Ferris wheels found? ‘The 50 Biggest Ferris Wheels Ever Built’ answers all of these questions and more. So sit down, strap in, don’t rock the gondola, and let’s roll!” Selected Chapter Points: Introduction; What is a Ferris Wheel?; Observation Wheel or Ferris Wheel?; History of the Ferris Wheel; Notable Dates in Ferris Wheel History; Design and Development; Observation Wheel Technology; Ferris Wheel Safety; Unique Ferris Wheels; The 50 Biggest Ferris Wheels Ever Built [50 listed, with statistics and facts]… Q/A with the Author; Ferris Wheel Patents; Notable Ferris Wheel Accidents − 2002 to Present; Resources/Credits. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.