1964-1965NewYorkWorldsFair[Book: Bill Cotter and Bill Young – 2013 – 17x24cm – 100 Pages – Many colour photos]. “Advertised as the “Billion-Dollar Fair,” the 1964–1965 New York World’s Fair transformed a sleepy park in the borough of Queens into a fantasy world enjoyed by more than 51 million visitors from around the world. While many countries and states exhibited at the fair, the most memorable pavilions were built by the giants of American industry. Their exhibits took guests backward and forward in time, all the while extolling how marvellous everyday life would be through the use of their products. Many of the techniques used in these shows set the standard for future fairs and theme parks, and the pavilions that housed them remain the most elaborate structures ever built for an American fair. This book showcases the beauty of this international spectacular through rare colour photographs, published here for the first time.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; General Tour; International Area; Industrial Area; Federal and State Area; Transportation Area; Lake Amusement Area; Night Scenes. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.