1933ChicagoWorldsFair[Book: Cheryl R. Ganz – 2008 – 18x25cm – 220 Pages – Many B&W photos, few colour]. “Chicago’s 1933 world’s fair set a new direction for international expositions. Earlier fairs had exhibited technological advances, but Chicago’s fair organizers used the very idea of progress to buoy national optimism during the Depression’s darkest years. The fair’s motto, “Science Finds, Industry Applies, Man Conforms,” was challenged by iconoclasts such as Harriet Helen Beck [aka: Sally Rand], whose provocative fan dance became a persistent symbol of the fair, as well as a handful of others including African Americans, ethnic populations and foreign nationals, groups of working women, and even well-heeled socialites.” Chapter Points: Acknowledgments; Introduction; Sally Rand and the Midway; Chicago Boosters Set the Stage; A New Vision for a World’s Fair; The Vision on Display; Women’s Spaces at the Fair; African Americans and the Du Sable Legacy; Ethnic Identity and Nationalistic Representations of Progress; Aviation, Nationalism, and Progress; Epilogue; Notes; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent.