TheMostCrazyRollerCoasters[Book: Tamaki Miyata – 2011 – 11x15cm – 322 Pages – Many B&W photos and images]. Chronicling the most significant roller coasters and major thrill rides’ development (mostly between 2000 and 2011). Keywords include: Aska; Balder; Beyond vertical drop; Bizarro; Bolliger & Mabillard; Boulder Dash; Bungee jump; Cyclone; Drop tower; El Toro; Expedition GeForce; Flying coaster; Formula Rossa; Fujiyama; Goliath; Hades; Hypersonic XLC; Inversion types; Millennium Force; Riding positions (flying, standing, suspended, etc.); Mystery Mine; Oblivion; Ring°Racer; Rocket/launched coaster; Sheikra; Steel Hawg; Superman – The Escape; Suspended coaster; Texas Giant; Tilt coaster; Top Thrill Dragster; Troy; Voyage; Wooden coaster; X; X-Scream. (Japanese script throughout). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.