National Amusement Park Historical Association: NAPHA CHRONICLE.

Below is a summary of the articles and reports that have appeared in NAPHA CHRONICLE, which features much more than can be detailed here. Issues 0—225 were called NAPHA News. This page has been made possible with the kind assistance of NAPHA.
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NAPHA102[Magazine Vol.17/No.6: 1995. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Celoron Park was New York’s White City 1891-1962. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Silverwood’s Grizzly is Idaho’s first wooden roller coaster in 76 years. Frank J. Sauzer obituary (Sauzer’s Kiddieland in Indiana). Cedar Point’s Mantis is named +fact sheet. California’s Pacific Park to feature Morgan roller coaster. IAAPA ’95 pictorial round-up. Fast forward / rewind − news tidbits. Busch Gardens Tampa’s Montu for ’96. Blackpool Pleasure Beach celebrates centenary 1896-1996. Fairground photos from Germany. [Front cover: Celoron Park in the 1900s. Back cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max Big One, Pleasure Beach Express and Big Dipper centenary photo montage]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA103[Magazine Vol.18/No.1: 1996. 22x28cm − 20 Pages− Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lakeside lament in Dayton Ohio. A trip to Williams Grove Amusement Park in Pennsylvania. “Hang Over” the first suspended Boomerang at Liseberg. “Over-The-Jumps” the Arkansas Carousel. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (R.S. Uzzell Corporation, Rocket Cars). Survey results 1995. ‘Tower’ puts observation on wheels (Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas). Lightwater Valley’s new Batflyer. Lawsuit over Shockwave gives Six Flags Great Adventure a sharp jolt. Ed Morgan – the father of steel roller coasters. Universal Studios announced for Osaka Japan. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Lakeside Park’s tunneled Scenic Railway and Shoot the Chutes. Back cover: Panoramic view of the Giant Scenic Railway at Great Yarmouth, England in 1934]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA104[Magazine Vol.18/No.2: 1996. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Wildwood Amusement Park in Minnesota remembered. Dino-mite! Ready for a “Jurassic Park” ride? General Motors to bring Test Track to Disney. 1996 amusement park anniversaries. Cedar Point constructs world-record-breaking roller coaster =Mantis. Construction on track at Santa Monica Pier. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (International Amusements Devices, Inc.). Two new rides at Geauga Lake Park =Mind Eraser and Grizzly Run. Coney Island Ohio adds Americana. Dinosaurs rescue Hunt’s Pier. NAPHA’s Heritage Fund and the “Over-The-Jumps Carousel” in Arkansas. Photo potpourri / Scrapbook mementos. [Front cover: Over-The-Jumps Carousel. Back cover: The 1930s Dutch “Rakettoren” Flying Machine]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA105[Magazine Vol.18/No.3: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: “The Wall of Death” motorcycle stunt. Cedar Point joins the “International Year of the Roller Coaster” celebrations. World’s 25 oldest operating roller coasters (that have continuously operated at the same location). Visitors become test engineers for Test Track. Who was T.L Stine? (information sought). Valleyfair!’s Wild Thing. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (National Amusement Device Co. Mirror Maze). European parks round-up. Heritage Fund donation update for “Over-The-Jumps” Carousel in Arkansas. Noah rebuilds his Ark at Kennywood. New Kennywood coaster =kiddie coaster. Conneaut Lake Park sold. Rocky Point Park auction. Sydney’s Luna Park. London Eye observation wheel announced. 1996 park photo update. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: “Fearless” Ajay Ford’s “Wall of Death” at Battersea, London. Back cover: Switchback Gravity Railroad at Folkestone, England in 1909]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA106[Magazine Vol.18/No.4: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Disneyland’s 40 years of adventures (a comprehensive 13-page report including the Walt Disney-signed invitation letter for the ‘Grand’ opening of Disneyland). Disney is planning a new California Park. Matterhorn Bobsled memories. Disneyland − The Nickel Tour. The Outer Limits Flight of Fear at Paramount’s Kings Island +fact sheet. Auction provides keepsakes of Kiddieland (Frank Sauzer’s Kiddieland). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Who was T.L. Stine? 1996 photo round-up. [Front cover: Santa Fe and Disneyland train. Back cover: Walt Disney’s Disneyland as seen from the air in 1955]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA107[Magazine Vol. 18/No.5: 1996. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA celebrates Waldameer Park’s 100th anniversary. Six Flags Magic Mountain is 25-years-old +a chronology. Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark in the 21st century. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Allan Herschell Sky Wheel). Lakeview Park in Dracut, Massachusetts. Six Flags Over Mid-America celebrates 452 million rides across 25-years! Lawsuit dropped (news). Dorney Park’s Steel Force plans finalised. Alpengeist at Busch Gardens Williamsburg +fact sheet. United Kingdom news. Woman hurt on Six Flags Great America’s Demon wins lawsuit. World’s oldest operating amusement parks (66 parks listed). Canobie Lake Park wants a new ride. Germany’s fairground attractions. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. 1996 photo round-up. [Front cover: Waldameer Park’s Comet. Back cover: Butlin’s French-built Figure Eight at Maplethorpe, England in 1938]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA108[Magazine Vol.18/No.6: 1996. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coastin’ thru Great Britain the return (NAPHA’s 1996 convention). Park remarks from Great Britain’s convention. Rave for your faves − trip survey results. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Safe Parachute Jumps Co.). Waldameer Park’s 100 years of memories. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Great Adventure coming to Brazil. Libertyland celebrating 20 years of rides and fun! Sellner celebrates 70 years of fun! United Kingdom update − The Haunting at Drayton Manor Park. A Carousel for Missoula Montana. Valleyfair! Family Amusement Park celebrates 20 seasons of operation. Blackpool Pleasure Beach announce Space Shot for spring 1997 +ride statistics. [Front cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Pepsi Max Big One. Back cover: Switchback Railway and crew at Folkestone, England in 1906]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA109[Magazine Vol.19/No.1: 1997. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Arnolds Park − a concise history. Hollywood comes to Germany with Movie World. Six Flags Magic Mountain’s Superman The Escape. Seabreeze Carousel fact sheet. Las Vegas offers bite of the Big Apple with Manhattan Express. NAPHA survey results. 1997 Amusement park anniversaries. Ghosts of summers past / manufacturer’s legacies (Miniature Train Company). A pictorial of 1996 and 1997 attractions. Japan’s Fujikju Highlands +Fujiyama facts. “Over-The-Jumps” the Arkansas Carousel. Switchback Gravity Railroad Foundation update. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Disneyland tones down Pirates’ act. NAPHA’s fall outing. Photo round-up of the IAAPA ’96 trade show. [Front cover: Kennywood’s Pitt Fall tower construction. Back cover: Figure Eight, Water Chute and Joy Wheel at the Spanish City at Whitley Bay, England in 1913]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA110[Magazine Vol.19/No.2: 1997. 22x28cm − 36 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Walt Disney World’s 25 years of magic. Maine’s Palace Playland and reflections of oceanside fun. SeaWorld joins the thrill ride wave. Geauga Lake Park debuts Mr. Hyde’s Nasty Fall. Last round-up for Euclid Beach Park’s Carousel ponies. A glimpse into the archives at PTC. Ocean City Amusements in Maryland. Old Indiana Fun Park and auction. Six Flags St Louis’ Mr. Freeze is the coolest roller coaster. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Chestnut Hill Park in Pennsylvania +their Mountain Railway (PTC President: Henry B. Auchy is stood at the far right). Back cover: A new-for-1997 four-tier Go Kart track at Wisconsin Dells’ Big Chief Kart and Coaster World]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA111[Magazine Vol.19/No.3: 1997. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Blackpool Pleasure Beach begins second century. A birthday outing at Worlds of Fun. Euclid Beach Park’s PTC #19 carousel comes home again. Tonnerre de Zeus is Parc Astérix’s wooden wonder. Conneaut Lake Park’s Blue Streak Bash ’97. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Cedar Point announces plans for the first Halloween event and extended ’97 season. Peppy the Musical Clown arcade machine restored. Kings Island ’98 expansion with Scooby’s Ghoster Coaster and Yogi’s Sky Tours. D. Abbate obituary. Typhoon Coaster at three Worlds of Santa’s Village. Twister at Universal Studios Florida. Silverwood Theme Park’s 10th anniversary. Alton Towers’ SW4 rumours. Cedar Point’s ’98 thriller is “Power Tower”. Rotunda in Folkestone, England − their side-friction roller coaster rides again. [Front cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s damaged Switchback Railway in 1907 following high tide. Back cover: A 1915 view of Blackpool Pleasure Beach]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA112[Magazine Vol.19/No.4: 1997. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Lake Compounce enters a new era. NAPHA celebrates at 90-year-old HersheyPark. New Zealand’s new adventure is “Fly by Wire”. Book review of “The Riverview Murders”. NAPHA visits southwest Ohio. Disney-Spielberg plan high-tech attractions. Conneaut Lake Park + car show = Fun! Wildcat material faulted at Bell Amusement Park. The Fun Spot taking Indiana by storm. Test Track at EPCOT. Big Chief at Wisconsin Dells. Prairie Rose Carousel at Chahinkapa Park in Wahpeton, North Dakota. Omaha’s Peony Park 1919-1994. Salem Willows in Massachusetts. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Aerial view of Lake Compounce in the 1970s. Back cover: Butlin’s Thriller roller coaster at Littlehampton, England − 6 July, 1949]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA113[Magazine Vol.19/No.5: 1997. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A history of the Magic Kingdom’s first quarter century – a comprehensive 14-page report. Worlds of Fun’s Mamba slithers into Kansas City and is poised to strike in 1998. Cafesjian’s Carousel going to Como Park. Is Silver Dollar City a theme park or not? TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Riddler’s Revenge at Six Flags Magic Mountain. Great Bear arrives at HersheyPark in 1998. Disney’s E Ticket is back. Roller coaster installations 1998 (selected parks). Paramount’s Great America – Invertigo and fact sheet. [Front cover: Cinderella’s Castle − Walt Disney World drawing 1971. Back cover: Workmen prepare the Scenic Railway in Margate, England for another season during March, 1950]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA114[Magazine Vol.19/No.6: 1997. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Vienna’s Riesenrad at Prater Park celebrates 100th anniversary. Kings Island’s 25 years of memories… and more to come. EPCOT’s 15th anniversary and looking back to the future. IAAPA ’97 round-up. Cyclone Racer at Long Beach California is still on track. New head of Public Relations ride high at Blackpool Pleasure Beach (Viv Ashby). “Over-The-Jumps” the Arkansas Carousel update. Elitch Gardens fined over the death of a worker. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA’s survey results are in. [Front cover: Prater Park’s Riesenrad in 1966. Back cover: The Giant Slide at Crystal Palace in London, England in 1903]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA115[Magazine Vol.20/No.1: 1998. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Glen Echo Park – a return. NAPHA is 20-years-old already!? (A look at 1978 – Part 1). NAPHA needs your help. Visionland new theme park. Bushkill Park is lost in time. New for ’98 at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Rift surfaces over Disney’s Submarine Voyage ride. Dorney Park’s Thunderhawk celebrates three-quarters of a century. California’s Santa’s Village slated for auction. Amusement Business Guide ’98 available. Australia’s Luna Parks update. A look back at NAPHA’s conventions, events and outings. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Glen Echo Park’s Coaster Dips. Back cover: Butlin’s Amusement Park’s Big Dipper at Skegness, England in 1931]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA116[Magazine Vol.20/No.2: 1998. 22x28cm − 44 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A century of thrills and memories – The Kennywood Story. Non-riders are not forgotten at Kennywood. Little ones have never been forgotten with Kennywood’s kiddie attractions. A trip through the dark with Kennywood’s Old Mill and other dark rides. From the “Hall of Trouble” to the new Noah’s Ark – Kennywood’s walk-thrus. Kennywood is the roller coaster capital of the world. 1978’s new roller coasters. The soul of Kennywood is the Carousel. NAPHA celebrates Kennywood and at their 100th anniversary party. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. Amusement Business headlines from March and April 1978 (Part 2). NAPHA needs your help. [Front cover: Aerial view of Kennywood. Back cover: Kennywood’s Thunderbolt]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA117[Magazine Vol.20/No.3: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A century of Ohio’s Idora Park. Rhode Island’s Crescent Park. “Riverboat” dark ride made waves at former Crescent Park. Steeplechase Park’s Parachute Jump and setting the record straight. NAPHA is 20-years-old already? – May and June 1978 (Part 3). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. What is that? – remembering some of Kennywood’s unusual rides. A look at attendance then and now (1977/78 and 1997). 1978’s new roller coasters. [Front cover: Idora Park and Crescent Park collage. Back cover: A 1929 Sellner Tilt-A-Whirl car with canvas canopy at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA118[Magazine Vol.20/No.4: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Americana is the playground of the Miami Valley (a comprehensive, 10-page article). A trip through New York’s Magic Forest Family Fun Park. NAPHA’s favourite amusement parks, rides and attractions – the 1998 survey results. New York’s Midway Park celebrates a century of memories. NAPHA celebrates at Midway Park. [Front cover: July 1997 view of Americana’s Screechin’ Eagle. Back cover: Members’ group photo at Midway Park in Maple Springs, New York − 12 July 1998]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA119[Magazine Vol.20/No.5: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A boundary line adventure in the Carolinas (featuring: Family Kingdom, Pedroland, Paramount Carowinds, Jubilee Park, Carolina Beach Park, Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Pleasure Island Amusement Park and Goldston’s Beach). A tornado / weather phenomenon strikes Frontier City. Twenty years already? − NAPHA is 20-years-old: July and August 1978 (Part 4). Comparison of admission prices then and now (1978 and 1998). “The Giant Drop” is the newest thrill ride at Australia’s Dreamworld. [Front cover: Carowinds’ entrance signage. Back cover: Artist’s impression of the world’s first “hyper-twister” roller coaster Raging Bull, which is Six Flags Great Adventure’s tenth roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA120[Magazine Vol.20/No.6: 1998. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA is twenty years old already? – September and October 1978 (Part 5). Ohio’s Coney Island is a true industry survivor (a comprehensive 12-page feature). IAAPA convention 1998 from Dallas Texas (featuring: Silver Dollar City’s Liquid Coaster/flume, Zamperla’s Mouse, Zamperla’s Barnstormer ride, Heinrich Mack’s new water roller coaster, and Meisho’s Spinturn coaster). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. [Front cover: Cincinnati’s Coney Island collage. Back cover: 1912 postcard view of the Shoot-the-Chutes at Cincinnati’s Coney Island]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA121[Magazine Vol.21/No.1: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: 70 Years of Kiddieland − Chicago’s oldest amusement park. The Fly at Paramount Canada’s Wonderland (two photos). 40 years of Santa’s Village in Dundee, Illinois. Illinois’ Harlem Park Memories (a history reprinted from NAPHA News 54: Vol.9/No.6). Iowa’s Dodge Park Playland +a history. Busch Gardens’ Gwazi nears completion +photo. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA discounts and merchandise. New Hampshire’s Santa’s Village’s history. [Front cover: Santa’s Village in Dundee, Illinois. Back cover: Nashville, Tennessee “Big Dipper” roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA122[Magazine Vol.21/No.2: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Coastin’ thru the dark (Scenic Railways, Dragon Gorge, Rocky Road to Dublin, Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds, Outer Limits Flight of Fear. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Space Invader, Lightwater Valley’s The Rat, Kennywood’s Exterminator, etc.). Holidog’s Funtown comes to Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. Old Elitch Gardens comes tumblin’ down / demolition. The Ghost Ship was one of Kennywood’s greatest dark rides. Arrow Development Company 1946–. Paramount Carowinds’ Top Gun The Jet Coaster. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Twister and Wildcat at Elitch Gardens. Back cover: The Derby Racer roller coaster at Riverside Park in Indiana]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA123[Magazine Vol.21/No.3: 1999. 22x28cm − 28 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Amarillo’s Wonderland (a 7-page history of the Texas park). Wonderland’s wonderful dark ride called “Fantastic Journey”. The golden horseshoe (new rides: Paramount Canada’s Wonderland “The Fly,” Martin’s Fantasy Island’s “Silver Comet,” and Six Flags Darien Lake’s “Superman: Ride of Steel”). Cornfield coastin’ II at Indiana Beach. Cass County’s Dentzel Carousel. A trip to Majestic Manufacturing, Inc. in Ohio. Lakemont Park +Leap-the-Dips re-opens. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Leap-the-Dips at Lakemont Park. Back cover: A car from John Miller’s Dip-Lo-Do-Cus roller coaster − circa 1923]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA124[Magazine Vol.21/No.4: 1999. 22x28cm − 32 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: “California Screamin’” the 1999 NAPHA convention (NAPHA visited: Six Flags Marine World in Vallejo, Paramount’s Great America in Santa Clara, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in Santa Cruz, Pacific Park in Santa Monica, Disneyland in Anaheim, Knott’s Berry Farm in Buena Park, Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, Universal Studios Hollywood in Universal City, Belmont Park/Mission Beach in San Diego, and the Seaport Village for the Broadway Flying Horses Carousel). NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: California Screamin’ survival essentials. Back cover: On-ride view of Belmont Park’s wonderfully restored Giant Dipper]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA125[Magazine Vol.21/No.5: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Children’s Fun Park at Naviti Resort in Fiji. Arnolds Park is a survivor +a history and details of their main attractions. Fading memories from old postcards: Lake Erie Park and Casino in Toledo, Ohio – 1895-1910. The rise and demise of Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Tales of the Okefenokee” indoor attraction (an in-depth 8-page feature). TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Arnolds Park’s Thriller roller coaster. Back cover: workmen constructing a National Amusement Device? racing coaster (park unidentified) circa early 1900s]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA126[Magazine Vol.21/No.6: 1999. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Letter to the editor from Mr. Hughes / Kennywood’s Chairman. Postcard memories of Twin Grove Park in Pennsylvania. Wild Adventures in Valdosta, Georgia. IAAPA 1999 report. Remembering Lincoln Park and Lincoln Park Day in Massachusetts. Ride announcements: including Valhalla at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and The Legend at Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari. NAPHA Merchandise. [Front cover: Wild Adventures’ Double Shot and Hangman. Back cover: Drawing of Holiday World’s, new for 2000, Legend roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA127[Magazine Vol.22/No.1: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Geauga Lake Park enters a new era (a comprehensive 15-page history of the park, detailing past and present rides and attractions 1800s-1999…). Funni-Frite, Inc. and their world famous animated attractions – auctioning Laffing Sal, Funhouse mirrors, Funni-Frite tricks, gags, props and displays, 1890s Dare carousel horse, 78RPM Messmore laughing records and sound-effects CDs, Charmin’ Charles, etc. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Mr. Hyde’s Nasty Fall. Back cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Big Ditch water ride]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA128[Magazine Vol.22/No.2: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Freedomland remembered (1959= announcement, 1960= opening, 1964= closing. +a 13-page feature detailing the history, main rides and attractions of the Bronx park. Including: Little Old New York, Old Chicago, The Great Plains, The Old Southwest, New Orleans Mardi Gras, Satellite City, the Disastrous 1964 season and an epilogue). Amusement park anniversaries − 93 worldwide parks listed. Justice Illinois’ Playland Park – a 3-page personal perspective 1970-1979. TurnAround − buy, sell, trade. SeaWorld in Orlando and their Kraken roller coaster. 2000 is the International Year of the Carousel. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Oregon’s Oaks Park Menagerie Carousel. Back cover: Cedar Point’s Cedar Downs Racing Derby]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA129[Magazine Vol.22/No.3: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Tennessee and Georgia mountain madness at Race World, Dixie Stampede Dinner Theater, Dollywood and Lake Winnepesaukah. Fading memories from old postcards – A history of Michigan’s Riverside Park 1894-1937. New Zealand Amusement Parks 1865-1881, 1913/1914, 1925/1926, and the 1939 New Zealand Exhibition Fairs including Luna Park 1926–, and Rainbow’s End 1982–. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Lake Winnepesaukah’s Cannon Ball. Back cover: Members’ group photo taken outside Dollywood’s Thunder Road Turbo Action Ride]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA130[Magazine Vol.22/No.4: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: New York’s Sylvan Beach’s Pretzel Laffland – with Al E. Gator (an 8-page look at the park and its classic dark ride). NAPHA’s millennium celebrations at the New England Carousel Museum, Lake Compounce Amusement Park, Playland Park, Astroland and Dino’s Wonder Wheel Park, including additional news and information about each location. TurnAround − members’ classified advertisements. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Lake Compounce’s Boulder Dash. Back cover: An aerial view of the Dragon roller coaster at Playland Park in Rye, New York]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA131[Magazine Vol.22/No.5: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − 19 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA’s father/son picnic at Paramount’s Kings Island – 21st October 2000 (a 12-page special, detailing members’ opinions and reports concerning all Paramount’s Kings Island’s main rides and attractions, including the Beast and Son of Beast roller coasters). Fun by photos (nine construction shots of Holiday World’s brand new Legend roller coaster). NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s Millennium Force. Back cover: Members, J. Hillman and K. Hillman enjoy a front-seat ride on Holiday World’s Legend]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA132[Magazine Vol.22/No.6: 2000. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: IAAPA 2000 trade show − the latest news, industry innovations and developments. The destruction of New York’s Coney Island Thunderbolt − 1925 to 17 November 2000. The Thunderbolt photographs. Coney Island’s Thunderbolt − the death of a legend. Fading memories from old postcards – Wenona Beach in Bay City, Michigan 1889-1964 including a 1917 park map. New Zealand photographs (including: “The Big Thrill” roller coaster at the South Seas Exhibition in Dunedin. Toboggan, Katzenjammer Castle and Water Chute at the 1906 Exhibition in Christchurch. Fun House and Water Chute at Wonderland at the Auckland Exposition in 1913). Archives – photograph of the Coney Island Bobs. [Front cover: Six Flags Ohio’s Villain. Back cover: Coney Island’s Thunderbolt 1925-2000]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA133[Magazine Vol.23/No.1: 2001. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: California’s Children’s Fairyland 1950… – detailing the history of the park, its main attractions and continuing development. Michigan’s Silver Beach Amusement Park 1880-1971…; The amusement park of the future 1960s style (a 5-page feature about Funtown in Atlanta, Georgia). Pennsylvania’s Cascade Park (a 7-page feature detailing the park’s history, rides and attractions). California’s Pacific City Amusement Park is the Coney Island of the West. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ Parachute Drop. Back cover: Boat-themed attraction at Children’s Fairyland in California]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA134[Magazine Vol.23/No.2: 2001. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Knoebels’ 75th anniversary. Sellner Manufacturing Company’s “Tilt-A-Whirl” turns 75-years-old (4 photos). Oklahoma’s Kiddie Park (1947-2001…). Indiana Beach – a comprehensive historical timeline 1926 to 2001 (1926 =Ideal Beach. 1927 =Opening of rental cottages, 20-room hotel and Sellner Toboggan. 1928 =… etc. including the cutting of the ribbon / official opening photograph and action shots of the new Cornball Express roller coaster). [Front cover: Indiana Beach’s Double Shot. Back cover: Sellner Manufacturing Company brochure (cover) for the “Astro Base Alpha” Tilt-A-Whirl amusement ride/game]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA135[Magazine Vol.23/No.3: 2001. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: European Fun 2001 (England and Wales: London Eye, Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Oakwood Theme Park, Drayton Manor Park, Alton Towers +John and Jennie Wardley, Pleasureland Southport and Blackpool Pleasure Beach). Conneaut Lake Park reopens +classic Vettel Trains. Southport Funhouse fun (two photos). Archives – New York’s Coney Island and the Bobs roller coaster. [Front cover: Drayton Manor Park’s Apocalypse drop tower. Back cover: Photo of Drayton Manor Park’s brick and stone clock/bell tower]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA136[Magazine Vol.23/No.4: 2001. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: European fun 2001 (Europe: Disneyland Paris, Parc Astérix +Tonnerre de Zeus, Six Flags Belgium, Phantasialand, Warner Bros Movie World +Wild Wild West, Efteling +Pegasus and Vogel Rok, Six Flags Holland +Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, Bakken, Liseberg, Heide Park +Colossos, and Tivoli Gardens). NAPHA visits Bakken the world’s oldest amusement park. [Front cover: Bakken’s Rutschebahnen. Back cover: A boulder / boat plunging down the drop of Parc Astérix’s “Menhir Express” log flume]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA137[Magazine Vol.23/No.5: 2001. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA’s Busch Gardens Williamsburg garden party. 1976 was a year to remember +Atlanta’s The World of Sid and Marty Krofft including the Giant Pinball Machine Ride. Michigan’s Crossroads Village. Libertyland in Tennessee. Valleyfair! Amusement Park including the High Roller roller coaster, and Marriott’s Great America in Illinois and California. Cedar Point’s Wicked Twister for 2002. The Dominican Republic’s Arcadas Park. Six Flags Over Texas +Six Flags Over Texas’ early sketches and construction photos. 1911 C.W. Parker Carousel at Fireman’s Park in Waterloo, Wisconsin. [Front cover: Valleyfair!’s Power Tower construction. Back cover: Classic National Amusement Device Rumpus Ride vehicles]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA138[Magazine Vol.23/No.6: 2001. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: IAAPA convention 2001 (a 7-page report). Islands of Adventure +photos of key rides. Come on over to the dark attractions of Palisades Amusement Park (featuring- Jungleland Cruise, Flight to Mars, ‘Under-The-Sea’ walk-thru, Arabian Nights Tunnel of Love and Casper’s Ghostland, Cockeyed Circus, Hofbrauhaus and Show Boat Fun House). Pleasure Island in Wakefield Massachusetts 1959-1970… and the Friends of Pleasure Island. Six Flags Magic Mountain announces “X” their Arrow Dynamics roller coaster. [Front cover: Islands of Adventure’s Incredible Hulk. Back cover: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “X”]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA139[Magazine Vol.24/No.1: 2002. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Disney’s California Adventure (10 pages detailing all the major rides and attractions: Superstar Limo, Grizzly River Run, Maliboomer, Tower of Terror, Soarin’ Over California, California Screamin’, Sun Wheel, Orange Stinger, Mulholland Madness, Jumpin’ Jellyfish, King Triton’s Carousel, Golden Zephyr, etc.). The story of the Miniature Train & Railroad Company / MT&RC (Part 1: Paul Allen Sturtevant 1898 – to WWII − +a comprehensive and detailed 10-page article detailing the history of the “MT&RC” and their products and installations). [Front cover: Bay Beach’s “Wisconsin Central” train. Back cover: The only caboose manufactured by the Miniature Train & Railroad Company / MT&RC]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA140[Magazine Vol.24/No.2: 2002. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The story of the Miniature Train & Railroad Company (Part 2: the years of the G-16 – +a comprehensive and detailed 18-page article detailing the history of the “MT&RC” and their products and installations). Lakeside Amusement Park in Salem, Virginia = 60 summers of ups and downs 1920 to 1986, +Salem Museum features Lakeside Amusement Park exhibit including a model of the “Shooting Star” roller coaster. [Front cover: A model of Lakeside Amusement Park’s Shooting Star roller coaster. Back cover: Miniature Train Company in Rensselaer, Indiana “Miniature Trains for Every Location” flyer / advertisement]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA141[Magazine Vol.24/No.3: 2002. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The story of the Miniature Train & Railroad Company / MT&RC (Part 3: there’s no business like… train business +a comprehensive 12-page article detailing the history of the “MT&RC” and their products and installations). NAPHA springs into Pennsylvania +Idlewild Park, Lakemont Park and Bland’s Park / DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. Pennsylvania’s Bushkill Park celebrates 100 years. Kennywood experiences adverse weather on Friday 31 May, 2002 +damage report. [Front cover: Idlewild Park’s Carousel sign. Back cover: Workmen constructing a racing roller coaster (John Miller ride(?) / park unidentified) circa early 1900s]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA142[Magazine Vol.24/No.4: 2002. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA’s Heritage Fund event at Arnolds Park in Iowa. End of an era at Salisbury Beach in Massachusetts. NAPHA’s 2002 convention featuring: Joe’s Playland Arcade at Salisbury Beach Massachusetts, Pirate’s Fun Park at Salisbury Beach Massachusetts, Palace Playland at Old Orchard Beach Maine, Funtown / Splashtown in Saco Maine, and York Wild Kingdom Zoo and Amusement Park in York, Maine. New Hampshire’s Canobie Lake Park celebrates centenary. Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire. [Front cover: Canobie Lake Park’s Turkish Twist rotor. Back cover: Drawing of the John Miller-designed “Six Track Mountain Racing Coaster”]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA143[Magazine Vol.24/No.5: 2002. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Boblo the Island Playground (a 12-page feature detailing the history of Boblo Island / Bois Blanc 1898-2001 and the rise and fall of its amusement park. Includes many of the main rides and attractions: The Bug, Sky Streek, Train, Ballroom, Enterprise, Log Flume, etc.). Ye Old Mill at the Iowa State Fair. NAPHA discounts and merchandise. Chattanooga’s Coolidge Park and their Dentzel carousel. [Front cover: Boblo Island signage. Back cover: Photo of Michigan Adventure’s “Wolverine Wildcat” roller coaster and lake in 1998]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA144[Magazine Vol.24/No.6: 2002. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Maryland’s Ocean City Playland Park 1965-1981 +Monorail, Ghost Ride, Monster Mouse, Hurricane Coaster, etc. Cedar Point to debut “Top Thrill Dragster” the world’s fastest and tallest roller coaster in May 2003. IAAPA 2002 (a 10-page article detailing the latest industry developments and innovations, including a scale model of Great Coasters International’s “Ozark Wildcat” for Celebration City and the new “Roller Coaster Tycoon” pinball machine from Stern, etc.). [Front cover: Top Thrill Dragster artwork. Back cover: Kuka Robocoaster in action at IAAPA 2002]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA145[Magazine Vol.25/No.1: 2003. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: The NAPHA chronology 1978 to 2002 (September 1978 =The National Amusement Park Historical Association is founded…; 1979 =NAPHA’s first officers appointed and the first trip is held at Kings Island…; 1980 =… etc.). From the archives: Aurel Vaszin 1885-1979 – The Dayton Fun House and Riding Device Manufacturing Company, National Amusement Device and International Amusement Device Inc. The “Over-the-Jumps” − the Arkansas Carousel is in need of rescue. Monthly highlights (14 key stories from Januarys and Februarys past). [Front cover: Edgewater Park in Michigan, and their Big Beast roller coaster. Back cover: A drawing of an Allan Herschell “Jumpin’ Jupiter” ride]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA146[Magazine Vol.25/No.2: 2003. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Old Chicago at Bolingbrook Illinois (a 6-page report: 1970s =development. 1975 =opening. 16 major rides and 3 kiddie rides including the “Chicago Loop.” 1976 =Angus Wynne’s $6 million improvement. 1980 =park closes. 1986 =building demolished). A look back / a pictorial journey (13 pages of NAPHA outings). From the archives − Miller & Baker’s Dip-Lo-Do-Cus spinning roller coaster. [Front cover: Old Chicago’s entrance. Back cover: 1923 advertisement for “Miller’s Latest Sensational Ride of Rides – Dip-Lo-Do-Cus – It’s the Jazz Ride”]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA147[Magazine Vol.25/No.3: 2003. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA’s 25th anniversary celebrations at Cedar Point in Ohio. A look back / a pictorial journey (6 pages of photos showing NAPHA’s 1992 convention in England). The evolution of amusement park aerial rides 1884-1940 featuring Harry Guy Traver’s “Circle Swing,” Riverview Chicago’s “Aerostat,” Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim’s “Captive Flying Machine,” Chicago’s Revolving Airship Tower Company, R.E. Chambers’ “Stratoship,” Bisch-Rocco’s “Flying Scooter,” L. Luzerne Custer’s “Aviator,” Leeland Ulrich Eyerly’s “Loop-O-Plane” and “Rock-O-Plane,” Frank Hrubetz’s “Paratrooper,” Major Strong’s “Life Savers / Parachute Jump,” etc. From the archives: “L.A. Thompson’s Big Mistake” – correspondence between La Marcus Adna Thompson and John August Miller in 1913/14. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s Top Thrill Dragster. Back cover: L.A. Thompson’s New Safety Racer]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA148[Magazine Vol.25/No.4: 2003. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Farewell to Illinois’ Hillcrest Park 1952-2003. Camp Snoopy is the Central Park for the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. “SHOPPINGTAINMENT” − investigating the trend of blending amusement facilities and shopping malls, sports arenas, etc. A long-time member answers your questions about NAPHA. Nantasket’s Paragon Carousel −PTC #85− has a rich dramatic history. A ride of two centuries – the “Z Coaster” suspended roller coaster of 1934 including the 1933 Century of Progress. Cedar Point’s Gemini coasters celebrate 25 years. [Front cover: Hillcrest Park’s signage. Back cover: Members at Kiddieland Amusement Park in Melrose Park, Illinois]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA149[Magazine Vol.25/No.5: 2003. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Paul Bunyan Amusement Center in Brainerd, Minnesota says “Goodbye” 1950-2003. Breinig Construction Company are the forgotten roller coaster builders of the early twentieth century. Lawyer’s corner (citing two lawsuits involving H.L. Breinig and Breinig Construction Company 1907 and 1915, +a list of 29 known Breinig roller coasters including the coaster’s name, park it operated at, location and service years). Focus on changes in the amusement industry (e.g.: roller coaster mud sills [vs] concrete footings / foundations, and other modifications through the decades). [Front cover: The Space Probe at Paul Bunyan Amusement Center in Minnesota. Back cover: The Paul Bunyan character faces the final weekend at Paul Bunyan Amusement Center in September 2003]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA150[Magazine Vol.25/No.6: 2003. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: 2003 IAAPA convention and trade show (a 4-page report charting industry news and latest innovations and developments). Defunctville – photo memories and rides lost over the last 25 years (featuring- Wildcat and Mr. Twister at Elitch Gardens, Screechin’ Eagle at Americana, Witches Castle at Family Funways in Minnesota, Turbo ride at Old Indiana Fun Park, Wild Rails at Jolly Roger Park in Maryland, Looper at Whalom Park, Orient Express at Worlds of Fun, Star Ride at Lakeside Park Colorado, Chaos Coaster at Opryland, House of Horrors at Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island, etc.). Remembering Rainbow Gardens in McKeesport, Pennsylvania. New York’s Coney Island and Steeplechase Park’s Blow-Hole Theater revisited. [Front cover: Finale of Lake Winnepesaukah’s Mill Chute. Back cover: Scale model of Great Coasters International’s Ozark Wildcat for Celebration City in Missouri]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA151[Magazine Vol.26/No.1: 2004. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Influential Disney designer John Hench. The 1964 New York World’s Fair. West Virginia’s Camden Park celebrates centennial. Archives – Harry Guy Traver catalogue (Part 1 =Seaplanes and Tumble Bugs). Bellewaerde Park in Belgium celebrates 50 years. Come on over – the dark attractions of Palisades Amusement Park (featuring- Jungleland Cruise, Flight to Mars, ‘Under-The-Sea’ walk-thru, Arabian Nights Tunnel of Love & Casper’s Ghostland, Cockeyed Circus, Hofbrauhaus and Show Boat Fun House (reprinted from Vol.23/No.6). Thailand’s Dream World Amusement Park celebrates 10 years. [Front cover: The Castle at Disneyland Paris. Back cover: Classic National Amusement Device Rumpus Ride vehicles]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA152[Magazine Vol.26/No.2: 2004. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Australia’s Wonderland to close April 2004 (a 7-page report includes the park’s history, the “Bush Beast” and “Demon” roller coasters and the other main attractions). Archives – Harry Guy Traver catalogue (Part 2 =Bobs Coasters and Jazz Railways… including the “Terrible Triplets”). California’s Children’s Fairyland – a 7-page report on the park and its attractions. [Front cover: The Bush Beast at Australia’s Wonderland. Back cover: Photos of Disneyland’s Mark Twain and Jungle Cruise boats]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA153[Magazine Vol.26/No.3: 2004. 22x28cm − 24 Pages − 16 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Memories of Chicago’s Riverview Park. Reflections on Riverview Park which would be celebrating its centenary this year. Riverview Park’s influence is still felt. San Diego’s Seaport Village’s 113-year-old Looff carousel auctioned for $715,000. Chicago is a city that continues to influence the amusement industry (1854 =Daniel Hudson Burnham and John Wellborn Root. 1893 =The Columbian Exposition / Chicago World’s Fair, etc… [up to]… 1995). [Front cover: Riverview Park 100-years’ collage. Back cover: The imposing entrance to Chicago’s White City]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA154[Magazine Vol.26/No.4: 2004. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Kings Island’s “Beast” 1979-2004… and still counting (a 12-page report). Haunting memories (photos: New York Coney Island’s “Dragon Cave” dark ride in the 1970s, and Wildwood’s “Tubes of Terror” in the 1980s). Flashback – two fires (1984 =Idora Park in Ohio, and 1994 =Seabreeze Park in New York). A descent to Hell Gate… circa 1904. International amusements from days of yore +“The Harton Scenic Railway” at Southend-on-Sea 1910-1973. Fairground frolics (two photos: Bremen 1915 street festival, and The Autobaan ride in the Netherlands in the 1950s). [Front/back cover: Kings Island’s “Beast” during construction]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA155[Magazine Vol.26/No.5: 2004. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Dorney Park is 120-years-old. Chicago’s Riverview Park − 1911 article: “name that coaster”. Carousel anniversaries: Flying Horse at Watch Hill, Rhode Island =120, and Highland Park’s Dentzel in Meridian, Mississippi =100. Flashback to 1964: Steeplechase Park closes and Cedar Point’s Blue Streak opens. Haunting memories (photos: Indiana’s Columbian Park’s “Dark Ride” in 1987, and Pennsylvania’s Rocky Springs Park’s “Pretzel Dark Ride” in 1984). Fairground frolics (Irish International Exhibition in 1907, and Exposition de Bruxelles in 1910). Arnolds Park’s three funhouses -a castle- and a maze. A look at New York Coney Island. Coastin’ through time / four roller coasters built in 1904. International amusements (“Water Chute” in Germany in 1908, and “The Grand 8 Aerien” in France in 1906). [Front cover: Dorney Park’s Thunderhawk. Back cover: Dorney Park’s Mill Chute]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA156[Magazine Vol.26/No.6: 2004. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: New York’s Dreamland 1904-1911. PTC is 100-years-old. Haunting memories (photos: Olympic Park in New York, Riverview Park in Iowa, and Six Flags Over Mid-America’s “Haunted Houses”). Acorn Ridge Park in Lemont, Illinois −1989. Fairground frolics (“The Magic Whirlpool” / Louisiana Purchase Expo’ 1904, and “Destruction of San Francisco” / Jamestown Expo’ 1907). New Jersey’s Keansburg Amusement Park is 100-years-old. Flashback (1924 =Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Giant Dipper, and 1964 =Chapultepec Park’s La Montana Rusa). Carousel anniversaries. Florida’s Petticoat Junction −1984. International amusements: Giant Wheel and Mini-Railway at Bellevue Park Belfast in 1912, a Scenic Railway at Pleasure Beach Aberdeen in the 1930s, and Parque Urbano’s Railroad in Montevideo in 1910. Coaster-themed tin toys. [Front/back cover: Dreamland at Coney Island in New York]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA157[Magazine Vol.27/No.1: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Colour cover, 18 B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Final farewells to Lilian Doris Thompson and William Geoffrey Thompson – Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s owners and industry legends (a 10-page special). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Hiram Stevens Maxim’s Captive Flying Machine and 100 years of flight. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 2004 fires at the Grand National and Bean Street Food Court. New PTC cars complete the Grand National’s renovation. Amanda Thompson signs for new cars during IAAPA 2004. Moments with Geoffrey Thompson (detailing William Geoffrey Thompson’s unexpected surprise at IAAPA 2003). Blackpool Pleasure Beach strengthens its Board of Directors. [Front cover: William Geoffrey Thompson and Lilian Doris Thompson. Back cover: Bob Ott’s (Dorney Park’s Chief Executive Officer) letter concerning Lilian Doris Thompson]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA158[Magazine Vol.27/No.2: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Oregon’s Oaks Amusement Park is 100-years-old. Anniversary celebrations: Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper is 80-years-old, and Western Washington Fair’s ‘Puyallup’ Coaster is 70-years-old. International amusements: Dutch flying machine “Rakettoren” in the 1930s, and “Liliput-Bahn” in Breslav, Poland in 1913. Haunting memories (photos: Idora Park’s “Whacky Shack” and Conneaut Lake Park’s “Dracula’s Cave”). La Ronde’s Le Monstre is 20-years-old. Flashback to 1915 (two carousels). Coastin’ through time to 1905 (four US Figure-8 roller coasters). New York Coney Island’s 1933 fire. Fairground frolics (two photos: Festival of the Empire Exhibition in London 1911, and Exposition de Nancy in France 1909). [Front cover: Oaks Park’s Shoot-the-Chutes in 1907. Back cover: La Ronde’s Le Monstre in 1985]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA159[Magazine Vol.27/No.3: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Sydney Australia’s Wonderland’ “Bush Beast” and “Beastie” roller coasters demolished. Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Last Gasp” parachute tower and Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Kingdom of the Dinosaurs” to be removed. Knoebels’ Phoenix is 20-years-old. Haunting memories (photos: Fair Park in Nashville, Tennessee “Old Haunted House” and Forest Amusement Park in Daytona Beach, Florida “Monster” dark rides). New York Coney Island’s Parachute Jump malfunction of 1946 detailed. Walk-thru attractions “The Laundry” and “Human Laundry”. Coastin’ through time (four 1905 US roller coasters). [Front cover: Australia’s Wonderland’s Bush Beast. Back cover: Australia’s Wonderland’s Beastie]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA160[Magazine Vol.27/No.4: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Colour cover, many B&W photos, 4 colour]. Chapter Points: NAPHA’s 2004 convention at Magic Springs and Crystal Falls in Arkansas, Burns Park Funland at Little North Rock in Arkansas, Silver Dollar City in Missouri, and Como Town in St. Paul, Minnesota. NAPHA event with the Darkride And Funhouse Enthusiasts (featuring: Martin’s Fantasy Island in New York, Seabreeze Amusement Park in New York, and Sylvan Beach New York reports). The closing of Florida’s Miracle Strip Amusement Park (a 7-page report). [Front cover: Funland’s Scrambler sponsored by NAPHA. Back cover: Elevated view showing Miracle Strip’s Eli wheel, Starliner roller coaster, etc.]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA161[Magazine Vol.27/No.5: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Ontario Beach’s carrousel is 100-years-old +a history of the New York park. Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper turns 80-years-old. Haunting memories (photos: Lakemont Park’s “Monster’s Den” and Idora Park’s “Laffin’ Lena’s Loonyland”). The Eli wheel at the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition 1909 …until its demise in the Venice Pier fire in 1920. Fairground frolics +the Scenic Railway at the Scottish National Exhibition in Glasgow 1911. New York Coney Island’s El Dorado Carousel. Coastin’ through time (four roller coasters of 1905). 1985 losses =Roseland Park in New York, Rockaways’ Playland in New York, Paragon Park in Massachusetts, and Buckroe Beach in Virginia. International amusements featuring Japanese Chutes, Luna Park’s (Italy) dark ride, and Skegness’ Big Dipper. [Front cover: Ontario Beach’s Helter Skelter. Back cover: Venice Pier’s fire aftermath]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA162[Magazine Vol.27/No.6: 2005. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Carsonia Park. New York Coney Island’s Shoot-the-Chutes. Haunting memories (photos: ghoulish entrances of Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Haunted Caverns” and Asbury Park’s “Haunted Castle”). Delmar Garden in St. Louis − 1905 wedding. Fairground frolics: Auckland Exposition’s Water Chute in 1913, and The Tickler and Scenic Railway at the Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition in 1909. Riverview Park’s “Jetstream” roller coaster and the White City in Chicago. International amusements: Scenic Railways at Great Yarmouth and Hamburg’s Luna Park, and the Aero Tower at Korakuen Park in Tokyo 1960. Ocean Park’s Pleasure Bay 1913 Scenic Railway fatality. Flashback – Sealion Park’s Chutes -1895, Disneyland -1955, Sydney’s Luna Park -1935, and Kings Dominion -1975. [Front cover: Carsonia Park’s Circle Swing in 1904. Back cover: White City Chicago’s illuminated tower]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA163[Magazine Vol.28/No.1: 2006. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Houston’s AstroWorld to close after 37 years (a comprehensive 11-page special detailing the park’s colourful history, its rides and attractions, etc.). Cedar Point’s Skyhawk is announced. Cedar Point lowers its general admission prices. Personal perspective – a musician’s report concerning his band’s performance at Disney. Heritage Carousel of Des Moines, Iowa. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: The lifthill of AstroWorld’s Ultra Twister. Back cover: The lead horse of Iowa’s Heritage Carousel]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA164[Magazine Vol.28/No.2: 2006. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Feltman’s “Ziz” − the Coney Island roller coaster. Haunting memories (photos: Elitch Gardens’ “The Haunted House” in the 1970s, and LeSourdsville Lake’s “Kookie Kastle” in the 1970s). Cedar Point’s Skyhawk. Flashback to 1981: the Jet Scream at Six Flags Over Mid-America, and the American Eagle at Marriott’s Great America. The Flying Ponies / tilted merry-go-round. Fairground frolics: Munich’s “Toboggan” in 1915, and Pan-Pac International Exposition’s “Aeroscope” in 1915. Past and present funhouses. Lake Compounce is 160-years-old. Kiddie rides of the 1920s. Galloping ghosts (3 carousels). Looking back at Coney Island New York. New York’s Fairyland Park 1959 robbery. International amusements (3 parks). [Front cover: Artist’s view of Sydney Luna Park’s Funhouse. Back cover: Mangels’ Zeppelin kiddie ride]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA165[Magazine Vol.28/No.3: 2006. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Willow Grove Park. Haunting memories (photos: Ponchartrain Beach’s “Haunted House” in the 1970s, and La Ronde’s “Witch Mill” in the 1970s). Libertyland in Memphis Tennessee. Fairground frolics: London’s Franco-British Exhibition’s “Flip Flap” platform in 1908, and Spain’s Regional Valencia Exposition’s “La Glissoire Roulant” toboggan slide in 1909. Rye Playland’s Kiddyland 1940. Vienna’s Prater Park is 240-years-old. Flashback to 1981: Kings Island’s Bat, and Edgewater Park’s Soul Train / Big Beast roller coaster. International amusements: Cleethorpes’ Switchback Railway in 1906, Hanshin Amusement Park Japan in the 1950s, and Casino de la Rabassada in Barcelona in 1915. Coney Island and L.A. Thompson’s Dragon’s Gorge. Carousel centenaries. 1906′s roller coasters. Bell’s Zingo roller coaster. [Front and back covers: Willow Grove Park’s Mountain Scenic Railway]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA166[Magazine Vol.28/No.4: 2006. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Dorney Park’s former Mansion House Hotel is coming down / demolition. William A. Hines Carousel Gardens (a 6-page feature about the carousel at New Orleans City Park in Louisiana). S&S Worldwide’s new Screamin’ Swing ride: “Xtreme Swing” at Valleyfair! Amusement Park in Minnesota, featuring Stan Checketts and Jack Falfas. Brooklyn’s Nellie Bly Amusement Park – the Romanos step away from Nellie Bly. NAPHA merchandise. [Front cover: Xtreme Swing at Valleyfair! Back cover: A stagecoach from Six Flags Over Texas’ former Wild West Show (the Stagecoach is now at Sandy Lake Amusement Park in Dallas, Texas)]. [visit NAPHA]

NAPHA NEWS 167/168.

NAPHA167-168[Magazine Vol.28/No.5&6: 2006. 22x28cm − 40 Pages − Colour cover, many B&W photos]. Pennsylvania’s Knoebels Amusement Resort has built an updated version of the Flying Turns, this traditional attraction that has been absent for over 30 years. What is the story behind the ride? Where did this type of ride come from? Who originally built it? Find the answers inside. Features Flying Turns at: Lakeside Park in Ohio. Euclid Beach Park in Ohio. Rocky Point in Rhode Island. Century of Progress World’s Fair in Chicago. Forest Park Highlands in St. Louis. Steeplechase Park in New York. Luna Park in Paris. Brussels International Exposition in Belgium. Prater Park in Austria. Riverview Park in Chicago, Illinois. Bakken in Denmark. Sandy Beach Park in Ohio. Unknown Flying Turns in Germany. Palisades Park in New Jersey. New York World’s Fair. Unknown Flying Turns in Argentina. Fyn’s Tivoli in Denmark… and Knoebels! [Front cover: Steeplechase Park’s Flying Turns. Back cover: Riverview Park’s Flying Turns]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA169[Magazine Vol.29/No.1: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: A whole new world at Disneyland (a 5-page report on the beginnings of Disneyland in California). The treasures of Ocean Beach Park in New London, Connecticut (feature includes the rides acquired from Whalom Park, Adventureland in Iowa, Savin Rock in Connecticut, Atlantic Beach Park in Rhode Island, and Danny’s Amusements, etc.). Tales from Old Walbridge Park in Toledo, Ohio − Part 1. Cedar Point announces Maverick roller coaster +fact sheet. [Front cover: Disneyland’s Jungle Cruise in 1999. Back cover: An aerial view / drawing of Cedar Point’s Maverick]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA170[Magazine Vol.29/No.2: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: Capitol Beach / Capital Beach Amusement Park in Lincoln, New England (a 5-page history). Flashback to 1982 (featuring: Canadian National Exhibition Racing Derby Carrousel, and the 1953 Flyer roller coaster). Haunting memories (photos: Miracle Strip’s “Old House” walk-thru in 1981, and Dandilion Park’s “Jungle Land” in the 1970s). New York Coney Island’s “Cyclone”, Kennywood’s “Racer”, Arnolds Park’s “Big Dipper/Legend” and Lake Compounce’s “Wildcat” are all 80-years-old! Fairground frolics: Edinburgh’s “The Hall of Laughter” in 1908, and Roller Coaster(?) at the Great Lakes Exposition Ohio in 1936-37. Kings Island in 1977. Fair Park in Nashville, Tennessee 1952-1987. International amusements: Belle Vue Manchester’s Bug and New Zealand Wonderland’s Figure 8 roller coaster. [Front cover: Capitol/Capital Beach’s midway. Back cover: Capitol/Capital Beach’s Jack Rabbit roller coaster]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA171[Magazine Vol.29/No.3: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Kids today: Six Flags Great America from a child’s perspective. Illinois’ Santa’s Village Theme Park auction. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s Laffing Sal is a long lost friend. Adventureland Amusement Park in Pennsylvania: founder John F. “Jack” Krantz passes away. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk = 100 years of memories. Tweetsie Railroad in North Carolina celebrates 50 years of operation. Cedar Point’s Skyhawk is nearly ready. 14 photos of Geauga Lake Park’s rides, etc. [Front cover: Entrance sign to Santa’s Village Theme Park in Illinois. Back cover: NAPHA member Ray Harris presents Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with a NAPHA centennial plaque]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA172[Magazine Vol.29/No.4: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: New Jersey’s Clementon Park 1907−2007…; Haunting memories (photos: Springlake Amusement Park’s “Galaxie” in 1980 and Paragon Park’s “Kooky Kastle” in 1978). An evolving view of early North American roller coasters (including roller coaster patents: Taylor =1872, and Knudsen =1878, Yearick, Stoddard and Terwilliger, etc…). Riverview Park in Chicago closed 40 years ago in 1967. Paradise Park and Rye Beach Pleasure Park (two Rye, New York parks demolished in 1927 +the Blue Streak and Kentucky Thoroughbred roller coasters). Rock Springs Park in West Virginia: their wooden roller coasters =Figure 8/Toboggan, Scenic Railway, Leap The Dips, and Cyclone. NAPHA visits England: Chessington World of Adventures, Lightwater Valley, Blackpool Pleasure Beach, Pleasureland Southport, and Frontierland Morecambe. Coney Island’s Steeplechase Park fire of 28 July, 1907. [Front cover: Clementon Park’s Jack Rabbit in the 1940s. Back cover: Clementon Park’s Jack Rabbit in 1983]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA173[Magazine Vol.29/No.5: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: NAPHA event at Clementon Amusement Park, Hersheypark, DelGrosso’s Amusement Park, Twin Grove Park and Campgrounds, and Knoebels Amusement Resort +Knoebels’ Flying Turns update. NAPHA visits SanFilippo Foundation +music boxes, arcades and the Eden Palais Carousel. San Francisco’s Zuem Carousel celebrates 100 years of operation +a fundraising campaign. Six Flags Great Adventure launches Kingda Ka. Remembering David W. Francis 1948-2006. Royersford’s Lakeview Amusement Park 1900s-1991. Six Flags Great Adventure’s El Toro fact sheet. [Front cover: Six Flags Great Adventure’s Kingda Ka. Back cover: Six Flags Great Adventure’s El Toro]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA174[Magazine Vol.29/No.6: 2007. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W photos]. Chapter Points: California’s Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is 100-years-old (a 4-page feature highlighting major events and attractions). A ride on Dorney Park’s Oriental Scenic Railway (a 1905 description). Haunting memories (photos: Dorney Park’s “Gold Mine” in the 1970s, and Fantasy Farm Amusement Park’s “The Haunted House” in the 1980s). Coastin’ through time: four roller coasters that debuted in 1907. The world’s oldest tracked dark ride: 1906 “Grottenbahn” in Austria. Nashville’s Opryland closed a decade ago (a 4-page feature). Pittsburgh’s West View Park remembered +Dips and Racing Whippet. Dandilion Park in Muskego, Wisconsin remembered +Tailspin roller coaster. Prague’s 1892 Letensky Carousel at the National Technical Museum. New York Coney Island’s Bobs / Tornado fires of 1977 and 1978. [Front cover: A trolley arrives at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in 1908. Back cover: Today’s crowds at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA175[Magazine Vol.30/No.1: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Denver’s Lakeside Park celebrates 100 years of operation (a comprehensive 12-page feature detailing the park’s history and attractions). William Frederick Mangels 1867-1958: the amusement industry’s “First Historian”. Riverview Park’s PTC #17 five-abreast carousel celebrates its centenary at Six Flags Over Georgia. Haunting memories (photos: Fort Dells’ “Haunted House” in the 1970s, and Elitch Gardens’ “Gold Fever” in 1979). Pennsylvania’s Oakford Park’s 1903 flood disaster. [Front cover: The 1908 Tower of Jewels at Lakeside Park in Denver. Back cover: “Just Take a Trip Out to Lakeside” Elmore I. Lee’s 1908 Waltz Song / sheet music art]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA176[Magazine Vol.30/No.2: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Long Beach California’s “Cyclone Racer” the world’s greatest ride 1930-1968. England’s Switchback Gravity Railway: Orchard Holme, Matlock Bath, Derbyshire 1889-1934. Virginia Reels and Henry Elmer Riehl’s “Reel” 1907-1981, etc… Flashback to 1978’s closures: Riverview Park in Iowa, Ocean View Amusement Park in Virginia, and Chippewa Lake Park in Ohio. Haunting memories (photos: Americana Amusement Park’s “Haunted House” in 1979, and Texas Playland Park’s “Transylvania Trolley” in 1980). Put-In-Bay on South Bass Island had roller coasters. Coastin’ through time (four roller coasters of 1908). Anniversaries: Idlewild in Pennsylvania =130, Playland in New York =80, Kennywood in Pennsylvania =110, Beech Bend Park in Kentucky =120-years-old. [Front cover: Revere Beach’s Virginia Reel in 1910. Back cover: Revere Beach’s new Virginia Reel in the 1940s]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA177[Magazine Vol.30/No.3: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Aurel Vaszin’s Forest Park in Dayton, Ohio (a 4-page feature). Marineland in Canada: their “Dragon Mountain” roller coaster. “Chicago’s First Roller Coaster” a Chicago Daily Tribune article 30 September 1883. Looking back at Louisiana’s Ponchartrain Beach that closed 25 years ago. Roller coaster train roofs, canopies, hoods and cages. Flashback to 1968: Maryland’s Glen Echo Park, and Michigan’s Walled Lake Park both closed. New York’s Luna Park 100 years ago. Haunting memories (photos: Thumb Fun Park’s “The Haunted House” in 1987, and Bell’s Amusement Park’s “Phantasmagoria” in 1980). Amusement park face-themed entrances. Coastin’ through time to 1908’s roller coasters. Memories of Geauga Lake Park 1888-2007. [Front cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper. Back cover: Geauga Lake Park’s Double Loop and Villain]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA178[Magazine Vol.30/No.4: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: New York’s Coney Island is the greatest plot of land in roller coaster history (a 7-page feature). Durrnberg Salt Mines is the world’s oldest walk-thru / dark ride (a 4-page feature). Avernus Wheel: the Avernus Wheel Limited’s Les Rous Diaboliques “Kidney Coaster” that operated at Luna Park Paris in 1909. Illions’ Stampede: a wheeled horse-themed ride. Pacific National Exhibition “Coaster” and Camden Park’s “Big Dipper” are both 50-years-old. The 1898 Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition in Omaha, Nebraska. 4 colour photos: Idora Park’s Wildcat, Paragon Park’s Giant Coaster, Crystal Beach Park’s Comet, and Geauga Lake Park’s Big Dipper. [Front cover: New York Coney Island’s “Cyclone” and “Comet” roller coasters in 1939. Back cover: New York Astroland’s “Dante’s Inferno” in 1984]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA179[Magazine Vol.30/No.5: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Idora Park in Oakland, California 1903-1929 (a 7-page feature detailing the park’s history and attractions). Boston’s Shoot-the-Chutes brawl/fracas of 1898. Coney Island Sawyer(?) Observatory +the history of Coney Island’s Iron Tower. New York’s Eldridge Park in 1983. Chicago’s Riverview Park in 1958. Dorney Park’s carrousel fire of 1983. Exposition Park in Conneaut Lake, Pennsylvania: fire of 1908. Harry Guy Traver’s longest operating roller coaster is 1937’s “Le Cyclone” at the Paris Exposition [moved to] Morecambe Pleasure Park England 1938-1999/2000. Mark “IV” battle tanks offer 1920s rides. Haunting memories (photos: Paragon Park’s “Devil’s Mansion” in the 1970s, and Lincoln Park’s “Monster Ride” in 1983). [Front cover: New York Coney Island’s Iron Tower Observatory. Back cover: Dorney Park’s 1983 fire]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA180[Magazine Vol.30/No.6: 2008. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Casino de la Rabassada in Barcelona 1911-1929 (a 6-page feature). Remembering New Jersey’s Bertrand Island Park. The dark attractions of Wildwood New Jersey in 1983 (featuring: Showboat walk-thru, Ripley’s Believe It or Not!, Beheaded But Still Alive, Golden Nugget, Dante’s Inferno, The Empire Strikes Back, Haunted House, Dr Blood’s House of Horror, Dungeon Boat Ride, Tubes of Terror, Castle Dracula, Lost World, Crazy House and Castle Frankenstein). Chicago’s Century of Progress 1933-1934 amusements (a 3-page feature). L.A. Thompson’s Scenic Railway at Revere Beach’s Wonderland. Warner Park at Chattanooga Tennessee. The Cyclone at Old Orchard Beach in Maine. [Front cover: Scenic Railway at Casino de la Rabassada in Spain. Back cover: The Rollo Coaster at Idlewild in Pennsylvania]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA181[Magazine Vol.31/No.1: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Luna Park Paris 1909-1946 (a 6-page history +Le Scenic Railway, Les Rous Diaboliques “Kidney Coaster,” Flying Turns, Funhouse, Big Dipper, etc.). Parks’ anniversaries. Kings Island’s King Cobra is the first stand-up −1984. Living under Coney Island’s Thunderbolt − Mollie and Fred Moran. New roller coasters in 1949 (+Joyland’s Roller Coaster, West View Park’s Kiddie Dips, Venice Lake Park’s Little Dipper, Long Beach Pike’s Jr. Coaster, and Ponchartrain Beach’s Comet Jr. and Zephyr). Idora Park’s inferno of 1984. Haunting memories (photos: Angela Park’s Pretzel dark ride in the 1980s, and York’s Wild Kingdom’s “Jungle Safari” in 1983). [Front cover: Paris Luna-themed sheet music cover. Back cover: Arnolds Park’s Big Coaster and Tipsy House at night]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA182[Magazine Vol.31/No.2: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Rules tightened on haunted houses − 1984 safety regulations. Lake Park/Lincoln Park Chicago – the carousel that almost was. Flashback to 1984: Busch Gardens’ Big Bad Wolf, Coney Island’s Cyclone is tentatively called Back-Fire, and Six Flags Over Mid-America’s Rail Blazer. Florida’s Petticoat Junction 1963-1984 +Tornado coaster, Shady Rest Hotel, UFO ride, Whacky Shack, Lost Mine, Magic Carpet and other dark rides, etc. Flashback to 1984: Marine West Pier’s Screem Machine, Six Flags Over Texas’ The Great Air Race, AstroWorld’s XLR8, and Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Space Invader. Paragon Park in Massachusetts. Disneyland vs. PTC − a 1959 lawsuit. “Rocky Road to Dublin” rides. [Front cover: Coney Island’s Spook-A-Rama. Back cover: Fun House at Rockaways’ Playland in New York]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA183[Magazine Vol.31/No.3: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition 1909 and the Pay Streak amusement midway (a 5-page feature). The carousels of New York’s Forest Park. Upper Clements Amusement Park in Nova Scotia is 20-years-old. Morey’s Pier in New Jersey is 40-years-old. Ohio’s Americana Amusement Park revisited in 1979. The first suspended coaster? (Coney Island Aerial Coasting Swing Company and the 1891-patented Stephen Jackman’s Powered Gravity Railway). Seabreeze Park’s 1994 fire. Captain Paul Boyton’s Old Mill. Looking back at Tom Keefe’s 100 laps marathon on Circus World’s Roaring Tiger roller coaster. Haunting memories (photos: Bushkill Park’s “Haunted Castle” in 1983, and Mountain Park’s “Pirate’s Den” in 1983). [Front cover: Americana’s Screechin’ Eagle in 1979. Back cover: Photo of Americana’s midway taken from the Sky Ride in 1979]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA184[Magazine Vol.31/No.4: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: George Cornelius Tilyou’s Steeplechase Park (5 pages detailing how the park’s 1964 closing had an effect on Coney Island). Illinois’ Fairyland Park’s 1950 Monorail. Haunting memories (photos: Williams Grove’s “Laff-in-the-Dark” in 1983, and Canobie Lake Park’s “Swamp” in 1983). Australian carousels in 1994: Sea World, Dreamland, Luna Park Melbourne, Royal Melbourne Zoo Gardens, and Sydney Harbour. Long Beach California’s Nu-Pike 1956 Glass House. Rides’ anniversaries. Concept rides by GordonRides (featuring: MegaWhip, Inverted wood coaster, etc.). Louisiana World’s Fair of 1984. “The Warriors” the 1979 classic Coney Island cult movie. [Front cover: Coney Island’s Cyclone. Back cover: “Down at Steeplechase Park” sheet music brochure / cover]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA185[Magazine Vol.31/No.5: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Santa Monica Pier celebrates 100th anniversary (a 6-page feature detailing the park’s history and rides). Haunting memories (photos: Zoo Park in Columbus, Ohio “Haunted Mansion” in 1983, and Mountain Park in Massachusetts “Dinosaur” in 1983). Halloween through the years at Six Flags Great America including the Mausoleum of Terror. Looking back to 1979 and Elitch Gardens’ Twister. Detroit’s Edgewater Park quietens coaster (1956 roller coaster noise reduction +roller coaster car canopies). Illinois’ Kiddieland closes. [Front cover: Kiddieland’s Little Dipper and PTC #72 carousel. Back cover: Carousel building at Santa Monica Pier at dusk]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA186[Magazine Vol.31/No.6: 2009. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many B&W and colour photos]. Chapter Points: Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach’s centenary (park/rides’ history +Switchback Railway, Scenic Railway +1919 fire, Ghost Train, Flying Fleas aerial ride, etc.). Busch Gardens’ Big Bad Wolf 1984-2009. Pennsylvania’s Willow Mill Park. Looking back to 1989: Cedar Point’s Magnum XL-200, Worlds of Fun’s Timber Wolf, and Valleyfair!’s Excalibur. NAPHA Heritage Fund. 1959 robberies at Asbury Park’s Palace Amusements, Bob-Lo Island Park, and also at New York’s Coney Island. Queen City Carrousselle Company of Cincinnati, Ohio. Stephen E. Jackman’s Great Whirlwind Ride at New York’s Coney Island 1909-1911. Haunting memories (photos: Lake Compounce’s “Roll In The Dark” in 1983, and Surfside Pier’s “Mysterious Castle”). [Front cover: Great Yarmouth’s Water Chute. Back cover: Great Yarmouth’s Scenic Railway]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA187[Magazine Vol.32/No.1: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Many colour photos, few B&W]. Chapter Points: New York’s Coney Island revitalization and blueprint (an 8-page report). A look back to 1960 (featuring news from Palisades Park in New Jersey, Jantzen Beach in Oregon, Excelsior Park in Minnesota, Coney Island in Ohio, Roseland Park in New York, LeSourdsville Lake Park in Ohio, etc.). Haunting memories (photos: Roseland Park’s “Gold Nugget” in 1982, and Lincoln Park’s “Pirate’s Den” in 1983). Roller coaster anniversaries. Flashback to 1980: Texas Cyclone at AstroWorld, Zephyr at Ponchartrain Beach, Big Dipper at Springlake Park, Orient Express at Worlds of Fun, Roller Coaster at Joyland, Zippin Pippin at Libertyland, Zingo at Bell’s Amusement Park, and Rocket at Playland in Texas. Chimes at New York’s Steeplechase Park − the Chime Tower. [Front cover: Visions for the revitalization of New York’s Coney Island. Back cover: Views of amusement park attractions from 1980]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA188[Magazine Vol.32/No.2: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago Riverview Park’s Eye-Full Tower history. Virginia’s Buckroe Beach 1890s-1985. Amusement park news of 1980: Old Chicago closes, Kennywood’s Laser Loop opens, etc. New roller coasters for 1910 =Kennywood’s first racing coaster, Riverside in Indiana Derby Racer, and the Venice California Scenic Railway. Carousel centenaries: Euclid Beach Park in Ohio, and Balboa Park in California. Haunting memories (photos: New Jersey Fun City’s “Haunted Mansion” in 1983, and Indiana Beach’s “Mystery Mansion” in 1982). Looking back at the NAPHA / Cedar Point convention of 1985. Amusement industry of 1960: Pleasure Island in Massachusetts, Freedomland in New York, Fontaine Ferry Park in Kentucky, Bible Storyland in California, etc. Members’ letters. New York’s Coney Island in 1910. [Front cover: Aerial view of La Ronde’s Le Monstre. Back cover: ‘New Luna Park’ poster]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA189[Magazine Vol.32/No.3: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Georgia’s Lake Winnepesaukah turns 85-years-old (a 6-page feature). Haunting memories (photos: Lake Winnepesaukah’s “Mystic Mansion” and “Spelunker” rides in 1981. Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Grand National is 75-years-old. Amusement park chronicle (including: Benit’s Amusement Park Thriller torn down in 1950, World in Wax in New York figures decapitated in 1961, Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s Derby Racer receives Verbeeck organ in 1985, etc.). Sydney’s Luna Park 1935-2010…; New Jersey’s Palisades Park – a century ago. The amusement industry of 1985 (featuring: Knoebels’ Phoenix, Six Flags Great America’s Z-Force, Circus World’s Wiener Looping, etc.). Pittsburgh’s West View Park in 1940 and “Super” Edward A. Vettel. Members’ letters. Archives of the National Amusement Device Company. [Front cover: Lake Winnepesaukah’s Cannon Ball. Back cover: Lake Winnepesaukah’s Boat Chute]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA190[Magazine Vol.32/No.4: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: “Jungle” Coaster at the Guatemala National Fair in 1953. The Last Riverview Park Chutes’ boat. Joyland in Kansas. Chicago’s roller coasters a century ago: Forest Park, Riverview Park, and White City. Haunting memories (photos: New York World’s Fair and Salvador Dali’s “Dream of Venus” in 1939, and Chicago Railroad Fair’s “Haunted Fun House” in 1948/49). 1990 openings= Georgia Cyclone, Predator, Thunder Run, Texas Giant, and Iron Wolf. New York Steeplechase Park’s 1920s roller coasters (featuring: Mile High Chaser =1924, Thunderbolt =1925, Coaster/Zip =1925, Bobs =1926, and Limit =1926). NAPHA convention 1990. Teeter Coaster / Teeter Dip 1925-1990s… gone! Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Maumee Kiddie Land in Ohio in 1951, and a National Amusement Device locomotive in 1952). [Front cover: Riverview Park’s Chutes. Back cover: Darien Lake’s Predator]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA191[Magazine Vol.32/No.5: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Special edition dedicated to “Playland at the Beach” in San Francisco, California. Early years: 1880s Ocean Beach Pavilion and the Gravity Railway, Charles I.D Looff, John Friedle, Chutes at the Beach, Figure 8, Shoot-the-Chutes, Bob Sled Dipper, Big Dipper, Bug House, Dodg-em, Ship-Ajoy, Noah’s Ark, The Frolic, Aeroplane Swing, Nut House, Topsy’s Roost, etc… George Kerr Whitney and Leo C. Whitney: “Playland at the Beach”, Dark Mystery, Limbo, Laffing Sal, Lindy Loop, Diving Bell, Fun House, Racing Derby, etc… Bartlett’s Rocket Speedway. Playland 1972 =the end. Playland’s demolition. Playland Not-At-The-Beach (Playland museum in El Cerrito, California). Playland at the Beach book authored by James R. Smith, and “Remembering Playland at the Beach” DVD are now available. [Front cover: Playland at the Beach’s Funhouse exterior. Back cover: Playland at the Beach’s 1972 demolition]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA192[Magazine Vol.32/No.6: 2010. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Paris’ Jardin d’Acclimatation celebrates 150 years 1860-2010…; New York’s Wonder Wheel turns 90-years-old (a 4-page special including similar wheels). Amusement park news 1935: Central Park in Pennsylvania, Palisades Park in New Jersey, Savin Rock in Connecticut, and Sandy Beach Park in Ohio all suffer fires, etc.). NAPHA convention at Dollywood and Santa’s Land Fun Park +report. Haunting memories (photos: Casino Pier’s “Doorway to Hell” in 1983, and The Enchanted Forest’s “Safari” in 1981). International Miniature Railway Company feature. Thunderbolt roller coaster and Coney Island New York photo gallery. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device headquarters’ party, NAD Laugh Land walk-thru, and a NAD kiddie coaster in 1950). [Front cover: New York’s Wonder Wheel in the 1960s. Back cover: Coney Island in Stereo / sleeve art 1958]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA193[Magazine Vol.33/No.1: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: New York’s Dreamland fire of 1911 (a 5-page feature). Carousel centennials: Fireman’s Park in Wisconsin, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in California, and Pueblo City Park in Colorado. 1911 park openings: Revere Beach in Massachusetts, Ocean Park in California, East Lake Park in Alabama, Rocky Point Park in Rhode Island, Cook’s Electric Park in Indiana, and Willow Grove Park in Pennsylvania. News from 1951. Utah’s Lagoon Park 1896-2011… (a 4-page history). Haunting memories (photos: Herman’s Beach New Jersey “Haunted House” in 1983, and Riverside Park Massachusetts “Frankenstein’s Castle” in 1983). Phantasialand fire 2001 and two roller coasters lost. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: unidentified National Amusement Device roller coaster in 1957, Pony Ride at Doolan’s Green Oaks Kiddieland in Illinois, a Junior coaster at the Pike amusement park in California, etc. [Front cover: New York’s Dreamland Park entrance. Back cover: Dreamland’s “Fighting the Flames” image]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA194[Magazine Vol.33/No.2: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Magic City in Paris 1911: La Maison Diabolique, Scenic Railway, Dragon Gorge, Water Chute, Flying School suspended roller coaster, etc. Six Flags Over Texas is 50-years-old. Carousel anniversaries. Pete Logan an attraction builder. Remembering John August Miller 1874-1941. 1991 roller coasters. Haunting memories (photos: Paragon Park’s “Ghost Train” in 1978, and Lakeside Park’s “Haunted House” in 1985). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s 1991 Funhouse fire remembered. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Comet Jr. at an unknown location, National Amusement Device Factory bowling team, and the underside of a NAD Century Flyer locomotive. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ Astrolift and River Boat rides. Back cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ early car and train rides]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA195[Magazine Vol.33/No.3: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: New Jersey’s Palisades Park – the final years. Roller coaster openings of 1911. Looking back at Cedar Point 1966. Roller coaster anniversaries. Amusement park fires of 1911: Old Mill at Rockaway Beach in New York, Chutes Amusement Park in California, Old Mill at Olentangy Park in Ohio, Roller coaster at Electric Park in Detroit, etc. Looking back at Knoebels 2001. Haunting memories (photos: Clementon Park’s “Whacky Shack” in 1983, and Seabreeze Park’s “The Enchanter” in 1982). 90-year-old carousels. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device radial drill cutting tool, NAD Pony-trot horse, and a NAD Trackless train. [Front cover: Palisades Amusement Park and the Cyclone roller coaster. Back cover: 1960s bird’s-eye view of Cedar Point]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA196[Magazine Vol.33/No.4: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Martin’s Fantasy Island is celebrating 50 years of operation. Roller coaster anniversaries. 1981 Marriott’s Great America’s American Eagle opens. 1981 Michigan’s Edgewater Park’s Big Beast closes. Kennywood’s Noah’s Ark is 75-years-old. From amusements to defence work (WWII: Spillman Engineering, Lusse Bros., Philadelphia Toboggan Company, Eyerly, National Amusement Device, etc.). Haunting memories (photos: York’s Wild Kingdom’s “Haunted House” in 1983, and Palace Playland’s “Flight to Mars” in 1983). Remembering Harry Guy Traver 1877-1961. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: Mirror maze at Silver Beach in Michigan, Trackless train at LeSourdsville Lake in Ohio, Cleveland School National Amusement Device kiddie Ferris Wheel, etc. [Front cover: View from Martin’s Fantasy Island’s Silver Comet. Back cover: Martin’s Fantasy Island’s Silver Comet in silhouette]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA197[Magazine Vol.33/No.5: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Indiana Beach 1926-2011…; 1911 roller coaster openings. Six Flags Great America’s first Fright Fest of 1991. Carousels restored (a 3-page feature). Flashback to 1979 and a Halloween legend at Riverview Park in Iowa. Haunting memories (photos: Family Funways’ “Witches Castle” in 1992, and Forest Park’s “Pirate Ship” in 1981). 1911 accidents: Idora Park in Ohio, Coney Island in New York x3, West View Park in Pennsylvania, Pabst Park in Wisconsin, North Beach in New York, and Revere Beach in Massachusetts. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: John August Miller-designed one-stop loading / unloading station, Dayton Funhouse & Riding Device Company bumper car, and a John August Miller 1925 “Let It Splash” splash chute, etc.). [Front cover: Indiana Beach’s Hoosier Hurricane. Back cover: Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA198[Magazine Vol.33/No.6: 2011. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: 1901 Pan-American Exposition inspires Coney Island (a 5-page feature). Carowinds’ 1923 PTC carousel. Roller coaster anniversaries. Disneyland’s …Mickey Mouse Club Circus (a 4-page history). Haunting memories (photos: Rocky Glen Park’s walk-thru / dark ride in 1983, and Lakeside Park Virginia “Flight Thru Space” in 1981). Space-age Rockaways’ Playland 1951: the “Tunnel of Love” is now “To Hell and Back” +the Big Horn Ranch, etc. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device’s concept for “The Orbiter” loop-the-loop roller coaster in 1965, and Granada Park in Detroit “The Chutes” 1920s, etc.). [Front cover: 1901 Pan-American Exposition’s “A Trip to the Moon” with Selenites. Back cover: “A Trip to the Moon” advertisement card]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA199[Magazine Vol.34/No.1: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Great American Racing Derby (patented in 1913 by Prior & Church, this 7-page feature details the ride and its worldwide variations). Musical sounds at the amusement park: Banda Rossa, Willard’s Temple of Music and Orchestrions. California’s Chutes Park (a 3-page feature). Clason Point Amusement Park in New York: +‘Satan’s’ Big Wheel +Ferris wheel accidents and fatalities. Haunting memories (photos: Asbury Park’s “Mad-O-Rama” in 1983, and Maple Leaf Village’s “Show Boat” walk-thru in 1982). Roller coaster openings 1912. Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device factory roller coaster cars’ construction, etc.). [Front cover: Chicago White City’s Racing Derby in the 1920s. Back cover: New York Coney Island’s Racing Derby in the 1940s]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA200[Magazine Vol.34/No.2: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Six Flags Over Georgia 1967-2012… (a 7-page feature documenting the park’s history, events and rides). Harry Traver’s Butterfly: the 1913 Gyroplane / winged spinning ride. Step back in time to: 2002, 1992, 1982, 1972, 1962, 1952, 1942, 1932, 1922, 1912, 1902 and to 1892. New for 1927 roller coasters. New York’s Coney Island fire of 1947. Haunting memories (photos: Eldridge Park’s “Spook House” in 1982, and Idora Park’s “Laffin’ Lena’s Loonyland” in 1984). Canadian carousels of 1982. Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: National Amusement Device “baseball team jerseys” and John Miller “Custer Speedway / Rocky Glen” Pennsylvania parade. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Georgia’s Georgia Cyclone in 1990. Back cover: Aerial view of Six Flags Over Georgia’s flooding in September 1990]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA201[Magazine Vol.34/No.3: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Pennsylvania’s Cascade Park (a 7-page feature). NAPHA visits Bay Beach Amusement Park in Wisconsin +Zippin Pippin roller coaster. New York Coney Island 1877-1977 (featuring: The Jolly Go Round, Steeplechase Ride, Reno Inclined Elevator, Helter Skelter Slide, Tornado fatality, and Gyro Globe, etc.). Jim Abbate’s first roller coaster ride was Riverview Park’s Greyhound. Santa Monica 125 years ago +Switchback Gravity Railroad. Haunting memories (photos: Buckroe Beach’s “Blackbeard’s Castle” in 1982, and Miracle Strip’s “Hurricane House” in the 1970s). 80-years-old: Bakken’s “Rutchebanen” and Great Yarmouth’s “Roller Coaster”. Members’ letters. NAPHA Archives: roller coaster and pool − park unidentified. [Front cover: Cascade Park’s Comet. Back cover: Members at the entrance to the Zippin Pippin at Bay Beach Amusement Park]. [visit NAPHA]


NAPHA202[Magazine Vol.34/No.4: 2012. 22x28cm − 20 Pages − Full colour]. Chapter Points: Chicago’s Riverview Park (a 7-page feature detailing the park’s history, attractions and its 1967 razing). National Roller Coaster Museum and Archives exhibit at Dollywood. NAPHA visits New York and Connecticut: Santa’s Workshop, The Great Escape, Magic Forest, Quassy, New England Carousel Museum and Lake Compounce. Haunting memories (photos: Bertrand Island Park’s “Fun in the Dark” in the 1960s, and Canobie Lake Park’s “The House of Seven Gables” in the 1960s). Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ “The Rattler” a last look. Letters to the editor. NAPHA Archives: 1925 Geauga Lake Park refreshment stands, and a 1920s Electric Miniature Railway at Ohio’s Coney Island. [Front cover: Riverview Park’s Bobs coaster. Back cover: Riverview Park’s Pair-O-Chutes and Aladdin’s Castle tower at night]. [visit NAPHA]