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Below is a summary of the articles and reports that have appeared in ROLLERCOASTER!, which features much more than can be detailed here. Issues 1—12 were called Coaster World. This page has been made possible with the kind assistance of ACE.
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ACE102[Magazine Vol.28/No.4: Summer 2007. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Remembering Myrtle Beach Pavilion (a 7-page feature). Alpen-Flug – the first true suspended roller coaster (7 pages). Werner Stengel interview (Q&A with Alpen-Flug’s designer). 25 years of stand-up roller coasters (a 13-page feature: “the first was 1982’s Dangai at Gotemba Family Land…” >>> +Standing and Loop Coaster, EXT-Extreme Roller, Star Jet, Astro Comet, Fujin Raijin II, King Cobra, Rail Blazer, Shockwave, Sky Rider, Le Cobra, Iron Wolf, Vortex, 7-Up Shockwave, Banshee / Mantis, Chang, Riddler’s Revenge, Georgia Scorcher, etc.). Water coasters (a 5-page feature). The history of early roller coasters 1872-1886 (6 pages +patents). 2 ACE profiles. This issue includes 4 half-page Spring Con group photos, and 2 half-page Preservation Con group photos. [Front cover: Myrtle Beach Pavilion’s “Hurricane – Category 5.” Back cover: La Ronde’s “Le Cobra”]. [visit ACE]


ACE103[Magazine Vol.29/No.1: Fall 2007. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Coaster Con XXX (12 pages: ACE visits Paramount’s Kings Island, Stricker’s Grove, Holiday World, Beech Bend, Cincinnati Mills’ Wonderpark and Cincinnati’s Coney Island, +behind the scenes tours, presentations, ride reports, exclusive ride sessions, etc.). Coaster Con XXX scrapbook (4 pages: 50+ photos). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). 1907-2007 – the roller coasters of Hersheypark (an 8-page feature +other notable rides). The roller coasters of Valleyfair! (4 pages: from 1976’s “High Roller” to 2007’s “Renegade”). Valleyfair!’s Renegade (3 pages). Jeff Pike interview (GCII designer answers questions about Renegade). Finland’s PowerPark / PowerLand (a 6-page feature: the main attractions +Thunderbird). 4 ACE profiles. This issue includes 5 half-page Coaster Con XXX group photos. [Front cover: Valleyfair!’s “Renegade.” Back cover: Stricker’s Grove’s “Tornado”]. [visit ACE]


ACE104[Magazine Vol.29/No.2: Winter 2008. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Cedar Point’s Maverick (an 8-page review +‘major roller coasters with short trains’ sidebar). Busch Gardens Europe’s Griffon (6 pages). Toverland’s Troy (6 pages). Adventure Island’s Rage (4 pages). Lagoon’s Wicked (a 4-page review +a sidebar featuring Lagoon’s roller coasters). Kemah Boardwalk’s Boardwalk Bullet (8 pages: conception, construction, problem solving / valleying out, +a review). Dollywood’s Mystery Mine (6 pages: +cue the spooky music, it’s in the details, the first test, the finishing touches, one last promotion, Dolly Parton opens the ride). 2 ACE profiles. Hersheypark Carousel (correction from issue 103). [Front cover: Kemah Boardwalk’s “Boardwalk Bullet.” Back cover: Busch Gardens Europe’s “Griffon” and “Alpengeist”]. [visit ACE]


ACE105[Magazine Vol.29/No.3: Spring 2008. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk is 100 years old (a 14-page feature: +The Casino, Scenic Railway, Giant Dipper, Jet Star, Hurricane coaster, etc.). “Charles Dinn and Curtis Summers – A Brief Resurgence in Wooden Coasters” (a 10-page feature: “Origins” from 1969, >>> “The Final Chapter” up to 1992). 25 years of the Riverside Cyclone (7 pages). “The Riverside Cyclone and Me” (1 page: by Torrence Jenkins). Gröna Lund (6 pages: Kvasten, Vilda Musen, Jetline, and Nyckelpigan, with past roller coasters: Radar, Jet Star II, and Roller Coaster, including other main attractions). “I was a Great Coasters International Inc. intern” (4 pages: Adam House joins the train construction team). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk’s “Giant Dipper.” Back cover: Riverside’s “Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]


ACE106[Magazine Vol.29/No.4: Summer 2008. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. The last Scenic Railways (10 pages: “Scenic Railway” at Coney Island, Melbourne Luna Park, and Margate’s Dreamland, including Willow Grove Park’s “Alps,” Vidám Park’s “Hullámvasút,” Tivoli Gardens’ “Rutschebanen,” Great Yarmouth’s “Roller Coaster,” Bakken’s “Rutschebanen,” Linnanmäki’s “Vuoristorata,” and Prater Park’s “Hochschaubahn” +a gallery of lost scenic railways). Finland’s Linnanmäki (an 8-page feature: +all the major attractions). Coasting through South America (8 pages: Fantasilandia, O Mundo da Xuxa Theme Park, Playcenter São Paulo, Neo Geo World, Terra Encantada, Parque de la Costa, +a Hopi Hari gallery). The Amusement Piers of Seaside, New Jersey (8 pages: the attractions of Funtown Pier and Casino Pier). Love that track above! (7 pages: a retrospective of suspended and inverted roller coasters). 2 ACE profiles. This issue includes 2 half-page Spring Conference 2008 group photos. [Front cover: Linnanmäki’s “Vuoristorata.” Back cover: Linnanmäki’s “Kirnu”]. [visit ACE]


ACE107[Magazine Vol.30/No.1: Fall 2008. 22x28cm – 56 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Coaster Con XXXI (18 pages: members converge at Six Flags Over Georgia, Wild Adventures, and Dixieland Fun Park, +presentations, silent auctions, competitions, ride reports, etc.). Coaster Con XXXI scrapbook (3 pages: 20+ photos). Six Flags Over Georgia’s Carousel is 100 years old (1 page: 1908= PTC#17 goes to Riverview Park in Chicago >>> 1971= bought by Six Flags Over Georgia for $53,000…). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). Fiesta Texas is 16 years old (an 11-page feature). Part III – Trek for the tough credit in North Korea (5 pages: Taesongsan Funfair, Mangyongdae Funfair, and Kaeson Youth Park). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “X2” (4 pages). “The Philadelphia Toboggan Company Manufacturer’s Award / The Spirit of ACE Award” (6 pages: +award winners from 1992 to 2008). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes a half-page Preservation Con group photo and a half-page Coaster Con XXXI group photo. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Great American Scream Machine.” Back cover: Fiesta Texas’ “Goliath”]. [visit ACE]


ACE108[Magazine Vol.30/No.2: Winter 2009. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Members’ letters and opinions. Waldameer Park’s Ravine Flyer II (a 6-page review). Hard Rock Park (10 pages: Maximum RPM!, Led Zeppelin – The Ride, Slippery When Wet, Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane, and Shake Rattle ‘N’ Rollercoaster, +the park’s bankruptcy). Six Flags St. Louis’ Evil Knievel (4 pages: +Robert Craig Knievel facts). Frontier City opens Steel Lasso (a 3-page review). Tripsdrill (5 pages: +Mammut). Hersheypark’s Fahrenheit (a 3-page review). Canada’s Wonderland’s Behemoth (a 5-page feature +“Carousel Corner” about the park’s PTC #84). Indiana Beach’s Steel Hawg (3 pages). Cycle coasters (a 4-page feature: +Coney Island’s “Steeplechase,” Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Steeplechase,” Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Cycle Chase,” “Soap Box Racers” and “Pony Express,” Zamperla MotoCoasters, Vekoma Motor Bike coasters, etc.). 2 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Waldameer Park’s “Ravine Flyer II.” Back cover: Hard Rock Park’s “Led Zeppelin – The Ride”]. [visit ACE]


ACE109[Magazine Vol.30/No.3: Spring 2009. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Traditional West Texas Parks (an 8-page feature: the delights of Joyland Amusement Park and Wonderland Park). Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters, Inc. is still rolling (a 9-page feature documenting 105 years of the PTC: including the faces of PTC, and table of 145 PTC-built roller coasters +name, location, year constructed, designer, etc.). Tom Rebbie interview (Q&A with the PTC’s current owner). “Carousel Corner” (2 pages: the carousels of the PTC). PTC Timeline 1904 to 2009 (2 pages: key moments in history). The roller coasters of Shanghai and Beijing (14 pages: Shanghai= Gongqing Senlin Park, Jin Jiang Leyuan, and Space City. Beijing= Beijing Amusement Park, Sun Park, Beijing Shijingshan Amusement Park, and Happy Valley). Coasting through Bobbejaanland (6 pages). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes a half-page 2009 Spring Con group photo. [Front cover: RollerCoaster! celebrates PTC’s legacy. Back cover: Wonderland Park’s “Hornet”]. [visit ACE]


ACE110[Magazine Vol.30/No.4: Summer 2009. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Cedar Point’s “Magnum XL-200” is 20 years old (an 8-page feature +facts). Impressionistic pictures (5 pages: Allan Reid’s roller coaster art). Guess the roller coaster (3 pages: ten coasters to identify +answers). Disneyland’s “Matterhorn Bobsleds” is 50 years old (a 6-page feature). The roller coasters of Moscow and St. Petersburg (16 pages: Moscow= Gorky Park, Luna Park, All-Russian Exhibition Center, and Sokolniki Park. St. Petersburg= Wonder Island, Park Alisa, Attraction Park, Gagarin Park, +sightseeing venues). Roller coaster licence plates (4 pages: a gallery of 78 vehicle number plates). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes a half-page 2009 Summer Preservation Con group photo. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s “Magnum XL-200.” Back cover: Disneyland’s “Matterhorn Bobsleds”]. [visit ACE]


ACE111[Magazine Vol.31/No.1: Fall 2009. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Coaster Con XXXII (a 20-page feature: members gather at Silver Dollar City and Worlds of Fun +food, exclusive ride sessions, ride reports, presentations, competitions, etc.). Photo Contest winners (3 full-page photos). Worlds of Fun’s Prowler (5 pages +a review). The Wacky Worm Coasters of Peru (6 pages: La Granja Villa, Coney Park – Plaza San Miguel, Coney Park – Mega Plaza Norte, Adventure Park, Family Park, Villalandia Park is now closed +sightseeing photos). Ti-Monstre / Lil’ Monster (4 pages: Eric Lapointe constructs a backyard roller coaster). Kiddieland 1929-2009 (4 pages: farewell to the Illinois amusement park +Little Dipper and other classic rides). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes an additional half-page 2009 Coaster Con XXXII group photo. [Front cover: Worlds of Fun’s “Prowler.” Back cover: Silver Dollar City’s “Powder Keg”]. [visit ACE]


ACE112[Magazine Vol.31/No.2: Winter 2010. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Kings Island’s Diamondback (a 6-page review). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Terminator Salvation – The Ride” (a 5-page feature: +review). Jay Thomas interview (Q&A with the president of Six Flags Magic Mountain). Manta makes a splash at SeaWorld Orlando (a 6-page review +facts). Universal Studios Florida’s “Hollywood Rip, Ride, Rockit” (4 pages: +reviews and facts). Louis Alfieri interview (Q&A with the creative director at Universal Studios). Happy Valley Shanghai’s Fireball (a 7-page feature: planning, construction, naming, first impressions, facts +the park’s other attractions). Freizeitpark Plohn’s El Toro (a 5-page review +facts). “America’s Top Roller Coasters & Amusement Parks” (a full-page advertisement for Pete Trabucco’s new book). Europa-Park’s Blue Fire megacoaster (6 pages +a review). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Kings Island’s “Diamondback.” Back cover: Europa-Park’s “Blue Fire”]. [visit ACE]


ACE113[Magazine Vol.31/No.3: Spring 2010. 22x28cm – 56 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Part I – ACEspaña 2009 (a 24-page feature: Parque de Atracciones de Madrid +a focus on “Abismo,” Pola Park, Terra Mítica, Festilandia, PortAventura +a focus on “Dragon Khan,” Tibidabo +a focus on “Muntanya Russa”). Tobotronc – Alpine coastering in Andorra (a 3-page review +facts). Alpine coasters (3 pages: quasi coasters from Brandauer, Weigand and Erbschloe Fun Construct). Part IV – Trek for the tough credit in Vietnam (11 pages: Dam Sen Park, Suoi Tien Theme Park, Saigon Wonderland, Ho Tay Theme Park, +sightseeing venues). The Puyallup Coaster is 75 years old (5 pages: the Puyallup Fair’s roller coaster history). Puyallup Fair’s “Coaster Thrill Ride” gets a facelift (2 pages: $1m rebuild). ACE Summer Con 1991 flashback (2 pages: members visited the Puyallup Fair +quotes from the Puyallup Fair’s Walker LeRoy, Edward Bollinger and Robert Bollinger). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Tibidabo’s “Muntanya Russa.” Back cover: Terra Mítica’s “Abismo”]. [visit ACE]


ACE114[Magazine Vol.31/No.4: Summer 2010. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Casualties of the new millennium (a 15-page feature: +American Adventure, Astroland, AstroWorld, Bell’s Amusement Park, Blue Diamond Park, Celebration City, Expoland, Fun Spot, Geauga Lake Park, Gotemba Family Land, Hard Rock Park, Hillcrest Park, Joyland, Kentucky Kingdom, LeSourdsville Lake Park, Libertyland, Miracle Strip Park, Myrtle Beach Pavilion, Ocean Beach Rhyl, Pleasureland Southport, Kobe Portopialand, Rotunda Fun Park, Six Flags New Orleans, Whalom Park, etc.). Remembering Delaware’s Shellpot Park (a 7-page feature). The lasting legacy of Allan Herschell (an 8-page history of the company +a history of Quassy Amusement Park’s roller coasters and renderings for the park’s future Gravity Group roller coaster). Part II – ACEspaña 2009 (a 12-page feature: Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza, Parque de Atracciones Monte Igueldo +a focus on “Montaña Suiza,” and Parque Warner Madrid). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: AstroWorld’s “Texas Cyclone.” Back cover: Parque de Atracciones de Zaragoza’s “Ramses” shuttle coaster]. [visit ACE]


ACE115[Magazine Vol.32/No.1: Fall 2010. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Let’s Get Started… (Tim Baldwin’s first editorial). Members’ letters and opinions. Coaster Con XXXIII (16 pages: ACE visits Kennywood, Idlewild, Conneaut Lake Park and Waldameer Park). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). Profile of Andy Quinn (Kennywood’s director of community relations). Kennywood’s Sky Rocket (a 6-page feature: a review +Kennywood creatively survives the roller coaster wars). ACE Roller Coaster Landmark Awards (6 pages: plaques/awards from 2002 to 2010). Part I –­ Japan’s small parks (10 pages: Hokkaido, Asahiyama Zoo, Santa Present Park, Maruyama Kid Land, Rusutsu Resort, Hokkaido Green Land, Teine Olympia, Sekitan No Rekishi Mura, +an explanation why many parks have closed following Expoland’s “Fujin Raijin” tragedy of 2007). 3 ACE profiles. This issue includes two full-page Coaster Con XXXIII group photos. [Front cover: Kennywood’s “Thunderbolt.” Back cover: Coney Island’s “Cyclone”]. [visit ACE]


ACE116[Magazine Vol.32/No.2: Winter 2011. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Back Seat (Tim Baldwin’s second editorial). Members’ letters and opinions. Kings Dominion’s Intimidator 305 (a 9-page review +the roller coasters of Kings Dominion 1974 to 2010). Profile of Richard Zimmerman (Kings Dominion’s executive vice president). Efteling’s Joris en de Draak (an 8-page construction feature: +the legend of George and the Dragon and a construction photo journal). Carowinds’ Intimidator (an 8-page review +the roller coasters of Carowinds 1973 to 2010). “Stingray” soars at Giant Wheel Park of Suzhou (6 pages: a review of Vekoma’s new flying coaster). Coney Island Renaissance (6 pages: New York’s Luna Park opens). “Hurricane Chris” (4 pages: Eric Lapointe constructs Hurricane Chris to replace his Ti-Monstre / Lil’ Monster backyard roller coaster). 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Kings Dominion’s “Intimidator 305.” Back cover: The illuminated entrance to New York’s Luna Park]. [visit ACE]


ACE117[Magazine Vol.32/No.3: Spring 2011. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Back Seat (Tim Baldwin’s editorial). Members’ letters and opinions. Six Flags Over Texas is 50 years old (a comprehensive 22-page historical feature: all the roller coasters, major rides and attractions past and present +The Spee-Lunker Cave, Astrolift, Spindletop Rotor, Texas Chute Out, a list of all current and former Six Flags Parks, etc.). Profile of Steve Martindale (Six Flags Over Texas’ president). Canobie Lake Park’s “Yankee Cannonball” is 75 years old (6 pages). Mexico’s Parque Bicentenario (6 pages: including the roller coasters Gusano, Selva Del Ratón, Montaña Rusa, and other attractions). Conneaut Lake Park’s “Blue Streak” Receives a New Lease on Life (4 pages). The Parks of Peru (a 4-page update: +Aventura Park Metro for “Gusanito,” Aventura Park Callao for “Montaña Rusa,” and La Granja Villa Norte for “Tren Minero”). 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ “Big Bend.” Back cover: Canobie Lake Park’s “Yankee Cannonball”]. [visit ACE]


ACE118[Magazine Vol.32/No.4: Summer 2011. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Back Seat (Tim Baldwin’s editorial). Members’ letters and opinions. “35 Years at the Great America Parks” (12 pages: a historical feature about the two Great America parks in California and Illinois +a year-by-year comparison of the parks’ installations 1976 to 2011). Part II – Japan’s small parks (11 pages: New Reoma World, Tokushima Zoo, Yoshinogawa Yuenchi, Baishinji Yuen, Dazaifu Yuenchi, Uminonakamichi Seaside Park, Kashii Kaen, Harmony Land, Rakutenchi, Miyazaki Phoenix Zoo, +closed parks and removed roller coasters following the 2007 Expoland accident). Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Big Dipper” (5 pages). “No Fear in Numbers” (8 pages: Six Flags Great Adventure repeatedly flirts with a coaster count of 13 +the park’s roller coasters 1976 to 2011). Part II – A coaster by any other name… (6 pages about renaming roller coasters: Terminator Salvation >>> Apocalypse, Evel Knievel >>> American Thunder, etc.). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Six Flags Great America’s “Demon.” Back cover: An aerial view of Blackpool Pleasure Beach]. [visit ACE]


ACE119[Magazine Vol.33/No.1: Fall 2011. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: The Back Seat (Tim Baldwin’s editorial). Members’ letters and opinions. Coaster Con XXXIV (10 pages: members visit Six Flags Over Texas and Sandy Lake Park). Coaster Con XXXIV follow-up (8 pages: members visit Schlitterbahn, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, Kemah Boardwalk and SeaWorld). Photo Contest winners (2 pages). Profile of Jeffrey Siebert (Schlitterbahn’s director of corporate communications and sales). West Texas Round-Up (4 pages: members visit Joyland Amusement Park, Larson International Inc. and Wonderland Amusement Park). Six Flags Over Texas’ “New Texas Giant” (a 6-page feature). Alan Schilke interview. “A Tale of Two Hurricanes” (a 3-page report: how Kemah Boardwalk and Six Flags New Orleans were affected by recent adverse weather). Six Flags St. Louis is 40 years old (a 10-page feature: “1970= construction begins on Six Flags Over Mid-America…”). [Front cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ “New Texas Giant.” Back cover: Kemah Boardwalk’s “Boardwalk Bullet”]. [visit ACE]


ACE120[Magazine Vol.33/No.2: Winter 2012. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Quassy Amusement Park’s Wooden Warrior (an 8-page report +a review). Profile of Ron Gustafson (Quassy Amusement Park’s director of public relations and marketing). Busch Gardens Tampa’s Cheetah Hunt (5 pages). Zippin Pippin reborn (4 pages: Libertyland’s legendary roller coaster now operates at Bay Beach Amusement Park). Gardaland’s Raptor (7 pages: Bolliger & Mabillard’s first Wing Coaster debuts +a review). Heide Park’s Krake (5 pages). Six Flags Magic Mountain opens “Green Lantern – First Flight” (3 pages). Knoebels’ Black Diamond (4 pages: Moreys Pier’s Golden Nugget dark ride lives on). Remembering Hunt’s Pier and Golden Nugget (3 pages: the Golden Nugget dark ride +postcards). Six Flags Over Georgia’s “Dare Devil Dive” (a 2-page review). Canobie Lake Park’s “Untamed” (a 2-page review). 2 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Quassy Amusement Park’s “Wooden Warrior.” Back cover: Gardaland’s “Raptor”]. [visit ACE]


ACE121[Magazine Vol.33/No.3: Spring 2012. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin). Members’ letters and opinions. ACE’s Scandinavian Sojourn (a 21-page feature: members visit Linnanmäki, PowerPark / PowerLand, Särkänniemi, Gröna Lund +a focus on Twister, TusenFryd, Liseberg +a focus on Lisebergbanan, Fårup Sommerland, Djurs Sommerland +a focus on Piraten, Tivoli Friheden, BonBon-Land, Bakken, and Tivoli Gardens). Profile of Peter Osbeck (Gröna Lund’s ride manager). “The Ride of Her Life” (half-page advert for Lorna Seilstad’s romantic novel). Busch Gardens’ “Drachen Fire” 20 Years Later (4 pages on the legendary 1992 roller coaster). Big trek for the tough credit in India (12 pages: EsselWorld, Tikuji-Ni-Wadi, Nicco Park, Science City, Pink Pearl Hotel and Fun City, Fun City, Crystal World Waterpark, Fundoo World, +sightseeing venues, etc.). Roller coaster greetings cards (4 pages: Bill Figie’s collection). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Gröna Lund’s “Twister.” Back cover: Fårup Sommerland’s “Falken”]. [visit ACE]


ACE122[Magazine Vol.33/No.4: Summer 2012. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. “Cedar Point Lighthouse Beckons for 150 Years” (14 pages: Cedar Point’s history from the 1862 Lighthouse to the present). The roller coasters of Cedar Point (2 pages: from 1892’s “Switchback Railway” to 2007’s “Maverick”). Profile of Bryan Edwards (Cedar Point’s marketing progress manager). The Custom Coasters Revolution (11 pages: the rise and fall of Custom Coasters Inc. 1991 to 2002/3). Trek for the tough credit in the United Arab Emirates (12 pages: Sega Republic, Stargate FEC, Space City, Antic’s Land, Adventureland, Wonderland, Al Nasr Leisureland, Madinat Zayed Garden, Sparky’s FEC (x2), Hili Fun City, Chakazoolu Indoor Theme Park, Salmaniya Water Garden, Adhari Park, Saqr Public Park, Global Village, Ferrari World, Foton Fantasia, Marah Land, Sinbad Amusement Centre, and Jungle Bungle). Kings Island’s “Racer” (4 pages: a historical reflection on 40 years). [Front cover: Cedar Point’s midway and “Top Thrill Dragster.” Back cover: Six Flags St. Louis’ “Boss”]. [visit ACE]


ACE123[Magazine Vol.34/No.1: Fall 2012. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Coaster Con XXXV (16 pages: ACE visits Dollywood and Carowinds +presentations, group photos, ride reviews, etc.). Photo Contest winners. Dollywood’s Wild Eagle (5 pages: the beginning – 2007, vendor selection and construction, the ride experience, +facts). Profile of Pete Owens (Dollywood’s media/public relations manager). Trek for the tough credit in Taiwan (10 pages: +E-DA Theme Park, Janfusun Fancyworld, Atayal Resort, Formosan Aboriginal Culture Village, Discovery World, Shan GriLa Paradise, Leofoo Village Theme Park, Window on China Theme Park, Farglory Ocean Park). “Batman The Ride Celebrates 20th Anniversary” (7 pages: a look back at an innovative roller coaster). Roller coaster models (3 pages: Randal Strong-Wallace’s models of Worlds of Fun’s former Funicular / Silly Serpent, Schussboomer, Orient Express, ScreamRoller / EXTreme Roller, and Zambezi Zinger). 3 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Dollywood’s “Wild Eagle.” Back cover: Carowinds’ “Thunder Road”]. [visit ACE]


ACE124[Magazine Vol.34/No.2: Winter 2013. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Europa-Park (a 6-page history: 1975= the beginning, the coasters, theming, perfection!). Europa-Park’s “Wodan Timbur Coaster” (a 4-page review). SeaWorld San Diego’s “Manta” (a 4-page review). Canada’s Wonderland’s “Leviathan” (4 pages: the Bolliger & Mabillard roller coaster strikes the 300ft barrier). Profile of Norm Pirtovshek (Canada’s Wonderland’s vice president and general manager). Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s “Verbolten” (a 4-page review). Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s “Superman Ultimate Flight” (4 pages). Galveston Island Historic Pleasure Pier (4 pages: a brief history +Iron Shark roller coaster and other attractions). Six Flags Great America’s “X-Flight” (a 4-page review). Hersheypark’s “Skyrush” (a 4-page review). Bakken’s “De Vilde Mus” (a 4-page review). 4 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Europa-Park’s “Wodan Timbur Coaster.” Back cover: Canada’s Wonderland’s “Leviathan”]. [visit ACE]


ACE125[Magazine Vol.34/No.3: Spring 2013. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Memories of 35 Coaster Conventions (a 10-page feature: 1978= Coaster Con I >>> 2012= Coaster Con XXXV +group photos). Give Kids The World Village (7 pages: a unique place where happiness inspires hope). Profile of Pamela Landwirth (the president of Give Kids The World, Inc.). 35 Years of ACE (5 pages: ACE co-founders Richard Munch, Roy Brashears and Paul Greenwald reflect on 35 years of the club). Coasting through time (12 pages: a timeline of significant amusement parks / pop culture events from 1492 to 2013). ACE’s online presence (4 pages). 9 ACE profiles (4 pages: ACE presidents= Richard W. Munch 1978 to 1982, Liucija Ambrosini 1982 to 1986, Randy Geisler 1986 to 1990, Ray Ueberroth 1990 to 1994, Jan Kiser-Schnoor 1994 to 1998, Bill Linkenheimer III 1998 to 2002, Carole Sanderson 2002 to 2006, Mark Cole 2006 to 2010, and Dave Altman =current president). [Front cover: Kings Dominion’s “Rebel Yell” Back cover: Busch Gardens – The Old Country’s “Loch Ness Monster”]. [visit ACE]


ACE126[Magazine Vol.34/No.4: Summer 2013. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Phantasialand (a 12-page feature: Black Mamba +other rides and attractions). The Fiberglass Coaster Cars of D.H. Morgan Manufacturing (a 7-page feature). D.H. Morgan Manufacturing (3 pages: more than just roller coaster cars). The roller coasters of Indonesia (a 12-page feature: Taman Safari Indonesia II, Jawa Timur Park 1, Jawa Timur Park 2, Wisata Bahari Lamongan, Taman Remaja, Trans Studio Indoor Park, Bandung Carnival Land, Taman Safari Park, Dunia Fantasi, and Moiland). Part I – Out-Of-The-Way Coasting (6 pages: Amusement Park Drive in Montana, Boondocks in South Dakota, Deadwood in North Carolina, Paul Bunyan Land in Minnesota, Schnepf Farms in Arizona, and Super Slide Amusement Park in North Dakota). “Screeching Jay” (3 pages: Eric Lapointe constructs Screeching Jay to accompany his Hurricane Chris backyard roller coaster). 2 ACE profiles. [Front cover: Phantasialand’s “Black Mamba.” Back cover: Playland’s “Dragon”]. [visit ACE]


ACE127[Magazine Vol.35/No.1: Fall 2013. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Coaster Con XXXVI (16 pages: ACE visits Six Flags New England, Canobie Lake Park, Palace Playland, and Funtown Splashdown U.S.A. +special events and group photos). Profile of John Winkler (Six Flags New England’s president). Photo Contest winners (1 page). Pre-Con in Connecticut (4 pages: ACE visits Quassy Amusement Park and Lake Compounce). “From Gallup’s Grove to Six Flags New England” (a 7-page historical feature: 1857= John Gallup / before Riverside Park, the early years, Edward Carroll to the rescue, Riverside continues to grow, a “Premier” transformation, Six Flags fly over Riverside / Six Flags New England). New England’s Story Land and Santa’s Village (5 pages about the two parks). The roller coasters of Malaysia and Singapore (a 10-page feature: Berjaya Times Square, Genting Theme Park and First World Plaza, Sunway Lagoon, Universal Studios Singapore, and Escape Theme Park). [Front cover: Six Flags New England’s “Bizarro.” Back cover: Canobie Lake Park’s “Untamed”]. [visit ACE]


ACE128[Magazine Vol.35/No.2: Winter 2014. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Silver Dollar City’s “Outlaw Run” (a 5-page feature +facts). Profile of Brad Thomas (Silver Dollar City’s general manager). Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ “Iron Rattler” (a 5-page feature +facts). Profile of Martin Bozer (Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ park president). Cedar Point’s “GateKeeper” (a 6-page feature +facts). Fun Spot America’s “White Lightning” (a 6-page feature: includes the Freedom Flyer and Sea Serpent roller coasters, +John Arie Sr. has brought affordable family fun to the Orlando area). California’s Great America’s “Gold Striker” (a 6-page feature +facts). Tripsdrill’s “Karacho” is Gerstlauer’s 50th roller coaster (a 6-page feature). Gerstlauer’s first 50 roller coasters (2 pages/list: 1= G’Sengte Sau >>> 50= Karacho, and they’re still coming!). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Full Throttle” (a 5-page feature +facts). 4 ACE members’ profiles (the Prancl family). [Front cover: Silver Dollar City’s “Outlaw Run.” Back cover: Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ “Iron Rattler”]. [visit ACE]


ACE129[Magazine Vol.35/No.3: Spring 2014. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Part I – Central Europe (19 pages: ACE visits Vidám Park, Prater Park, Bayern Park, Skyline Park, Erlebnispark Tripsdrill, Holiday Park, and Europa-Park). Profile of Roland Mack (Europa-Park’s general manager). Trek for the tough credit in Kuwait (8 pages: Future Kid, Cartoon Network World, Infunity, Hawally Park, Al Sha’ab Leisure Park, Playland, Marah Land, The 99 Village, Kuwait Entertainment City +other parks past and present). Hong Kong Disneyland (a 6-page member’s report). Part II – Out-Of-The-Way Coasting in Colorado (4 pages: +Amusement Park at Heritage Square, Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, and Mile High Flea Market). “The Little Devil” (a 4-page feature: Steve O’Donnell builds a yard-sized wooden roller coaster model for Nancy Stillwagon). 4 ACE members’ profiles. [Front cover: Tripsdrill’s “Mammut.” Back cover: Europa-Park’s “Blue Fire Megacoaster” and “Wodan Timbur Coaster”]. [visit ACE]


ACE130[Magazine Vol.35/No.4: Summer 2014. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin salutes Dick Knoebel, applauds Kings Dominion, and tips his hat to Cedar Point). The Flying Turns Story – Knoebels Triumphs (an 8-page feature). The History of the Flying Turns (5 pages about the Norman Bartlett ride). Profile of Dick Knoebel (Knoebels’ president). Parque Diversiones (4 pages: a member visits Costa Rica’s only amusement park). Part II – Central Europe (16 pages: ACE visits Freizeit-Land Geiselwind, Freizeitpark Plohn, Belantis, Hansa Park, Hamburger Sommerdom, Heide Park, Phantasialand, Efteling, Toverland, Cranger Kirmes, Moviepark Germany, and the “Tiger and the Turtle Magic Mountain” roller coaster sculpture). Gerstlauer bobsled coasters (4 pages: a member ponders why North America has none). A brief history of Gröna Lund’s wooden roller coasters (4 pages +Gröna Lund today). 2 ACE members’ profiles +2014 Spring Conference group photo taken at Kings Island. [Front cover: Knoebels’ “Flying Turns.” Back cover: “Olympia Looping” at the Cranger Kirmes]. [visit ACE]


ACE131[Magazine Vol.36/No.1: Fall 2014. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Coaster Con XXXVII (16 pages: ACE visits California’s Great America, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, Gilroy Gardens +photo contest winners). Profile of Marq Lipton (vice president of marketing at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk). S&S Celebrates 20 Years (a 6-page feature: the company and key rides 1994–2014). Part III – Japan’s small parks (14 pages: Lapia Mall Fantasy Dome, Hachinohe Yuen Kodomo No Kuni, Iwayama Parkland, Omoriyama Zoo Milve Anipa, Shibukawa Skyland, Kamine Koen, Hitachi Kaihin Koen (Seaside Park), Lina World, Dreamland (Koriyama Culture Park), Musashino Mura, Kezouji Koen (Isesaki), Chiba Zoo Dream World, Mother Farm, Tokyo Doitsu Mura, Hasunuma Kaihin Koen, Gunma Safari Park, Gunma Cycle Sports Center, Tochinoki Family Land, Utsunomiya Zoo, Suntopia World, Shirakaba Resort Family Land, Kodomo No Kuni (Children’s Country), Sagamiko Resort Pleasure Forest, +updates on Joypolis and Arakawa Yuen). Preservation (6 pages: concerns for the classic wooden roller coaster). 2 ACE members’ profiles. [Front cover: California’s Great America’s “Gold Striker” and observation tower. Back cover: Indiana Beach’s “Steel Hawg”]. [visit ACE]


ACE132[Magazine Vol.36/No.2: Winter 2015. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin offers guidance on the preservation of members’ amusement industry keepsakes). Members’ letters and opinions. Kentucky Kingdom’s “Lightning” (a 5-page feature). Kings Island’s “Banshee” (a 5-page feature including the evolution of Cedar Point’s Banshee >>> Mantis >>> Rougarou). Dollywood’s “FireChaser Express” (a 5-page feature). Liseberg’s “Helix” (a 4-page review). Six Flags Great America’s “Goliath” (a 6-page report). Profile of Fred Grubb (president at Rocky Mountain Construction). Story Land’s “Roar-O-Saurus” (a 5-page review). Coney Island’s “Thunderbolt” (a 6-page review +Coney Island history and Cyclone renovation). Six Flags Mexico’s “Medusa Steel Coaster” (a 6-page review). 2 ACE members’ profiles +2014 Fall Conference group photo taken at Fun Spot America. [Front cover: Kings Island’s “Banshee.” Back cover: Six Flags Great America’s “Goliath”]. [visit ACE]


ACE133[Magazine Vol.36/No.3: Spring 2015. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Roller coasters built on determination (a 7-page feature). Profile of Steve Gorman (president at Waldameer Park & Water World). Geauga Lake Park – a look back (a 12-page feature). A Flying Turns Mystery – The Fyns Tivoli Flying Turns in Denmark (2 pages). Part IV – Japan’s small parks (16 pages: Toyohashi Non Hoi Park, Izu Gran Pal, Japan Cycle Sports Center, Kariya Shi Kotsu Jido Yuen, Akashi Koen, Sea Train Land, Nango Suisan Center, Wonderland (Awara Onsen), Shibamasa World, Tedori Fish Land, Omocha Okoku (Tojo), Kansai Cycle Sports Center, Green Pia Miki, Miroku No Sato, Omocha Okoku (Tamano), Hiruzen Highland Joyful Park, Marina Circus, Green Pia Seto Uchi, Akiyoshidai Safari Land, Tokiwa Yuen, Kitami Family Land). Art and sculpture in the amusement industry (5 pages: architecture, landscaping and art at the amusement park). 2 ACE members’ profiles. [Front cover: Waldameer Park’s “Ravine Flyer II.” Back cover: Geauga Lake Park’s “Big Dipper”]. [visit ACE]


ACE134[Magazine Vol.36/No.4: Summer 2015. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (by Tim Baldwin). Members’ letters and opinions. The 25th anniversary of the rebirth of Belmont Park’s Giant Dipper (a 21-page personal account by Tim Vaux Cole: +Introduction, A Little Belmont Background, An Era Comes To An End, The Author Gets Involved, The Save The Coaster Committee Is Born, Wait – What Did I Just Hear?, The Shopping Center, Belmont Park Associates vs The Save The Coaster Committee vs The City, Dipper Is Brought Back, Epilogue. The B Brothers, Next Time You Watch Top Gun…). Profile of Wendy Crain (general manager of Belmont Park). Bolliger & Mabillard – a quarter century of roller coaster excellence (a 10-page feature). Coasting in the southern hemisphere (8 pages: New Zealand for Rainbow’s End, and Australia for Luna Park in Sydney, Dreamworld, Warner Bros Movie World, Wet ‘n’ Wild Water World, and Sea World). Rock Springs Park (3 pages about the West Virginia park, 1880s–1970s). 2 ACE members’ profiles (Tim Vaux Cole and Deano Sarantakos). [Front cover: Belmont Park’s “Giant Dipper.” Back cover: Cedar Point’s “Rougarou”]. [visit ACE]


ACE135[Magazine Vol.37/No.1: Fall 2015. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (by Tim Baldwin). Coaster Con XXXVIII (20 pages: ACE visits Six Flags Great Adventure, Storybook Land, and Morey’s Piers +behind-the-scenes tours, presentations, ERTs, competitions, photo contest winners, etc.). Profile of Kristin Siebeneicher (communications manager at Six Flags Great Adventure). Seabreeze’s Bobsleds – The Original Hybrid Coaster (a 3-page historical feature). From Enthusiasts to Engineers (4 pages: Anne Irvine – co-founder of Irvine Ondrey Engineering – opens up on what it is like to be on both sides of the roller coaster business). Carowinds’ Thunder Road 1976–2015 (a 3-page feature about the recently demolished racing wooden coaster). Happy Valley – China’s Chain of Theme Parks (8 pages: the roller coasters and attractions at Happy Valley Shenzhen, Happy Valley Wuhan, and Happy Valley Shanghai). The Arrow Corkscrew Celebrates 40th Anniversary (4 pages: 1975= Knott’s Berry Farm’s “Roaring 20’s Corkscrew” >> original models operating today +the Corkscrew pioneers). 4 ACE members’ profiles. [Front cover: Six Flags Great Adventure’s “Green Lantern.” Back cover: Morey’s Piers’ “Great White”]. [visit ACE]


ACE136[Magazine Vol.37/No.2: Winter 2016. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin introduces the “new coasters” issue of RollerCoaster!). Members’ letters and opinions. Lagoon’s “Cannibal” (a 5-page feature). Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Twisted Colossus” (a 5-page feature +review). Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari’s “Thunderbird” (4 pages: Leah Koch recounts the journey that led to Thunderbird +review). Profile of Lauren Koch Crosby (director of entertainment and events at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari). Profile of Paula Werne (director of communications at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari). ZDT’s Amusement Park’s “Switchback” (a 4-page insight). Riverside Amusement Park’s “Wicked Cyclone” (4 pages: Riverside Cyclone >> Wicked Cyclone +review). Six Flags Fiesta Texas’ “Batman: The Ride” (a 4-page insight +review). Carowinds’ “Fury 325” (a 4-page feature +review). Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s “Tempesto” review. Adventureland’s “Turbulence” review. Euro Coasters of 2015 (an 8-page review: +Hansa Park’s “Schwur des Kärnan”, Tayto Park’s “Cú Chulainn”, Power Park’s “Junker”, Wonder Island’s “Velikoluksky Miasokombinat”, and Efteling’s “Baron 1898”). This issue includes 2015 Summer Conference, and 2015 Preservation Conference group photos. [Front cover: Six Flags Magic Mountain’s “Twisted Colossus.” Back cover: Lagoon’s “Cannibal”]. [visit ACE]


ACE137[Magazine Vol.37/No.3: Spring 2016. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin thanks ACE UK! 2015 tour participants for their photo contributions). Members’ letters and opinions. Part I – ACE UK! 2015 (21 pages: ACE visits Paultons Park, Oakwood Theme Park, Alton Towers +a focus on “Thirteen”, Blackpool Pleasure Beach +a focus on the “Wild Mouse”, Flamingo Land, Joyland, Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach +a focus on the “Roller Coaster / Scenic Railway”, and Pleasurewood Hills +a focus on “Enigma”). Arnolds Park (8 pages charting the park’s 125+ years). Coastin’ in Italy (4 pages: Jan Rush reports from Rainbow MagicLand). Fifty Years of Mine Train Roller Coasters (10 pages: RollerCoaster! #78 celebrated 35 years of mine train roller coasters. Presented here is an expanded, more in-depth look at this style of coaster +a table detailing the 43 mine trains manufactured by Arrow, Vekoma, WED, Intamin, Mack and Morgan between 1966 and 2015). This issue includes a full page ACE UK! 2015 group photo. [Front cover: Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s “Big One.” Back cover: Six Flags Over Texas’ “Runaway Mine Train”]. [visit ACE]


ace138[Magazine Vol.37/No.4: Summer 2016. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial. Members’ letters and opinions. Twenty Years of Great Coasters International, Inc. (a 12-page feature). The People of Great Coasters International, Inc. (mini profiles of: Mike Boodley, Jonathan Frank, Robbin Finnerty, Jeff Pike, Chris Gray, Bob Paskanik, Dan Comoss, Joe Draves, Evan Souliere, Adam House, Adam Yeardon, Jessie Karp, Anya Lehrner, and David Moghaddam). Profile of Clair Hain (president and owner of Great Coasters International, Inc.). Cincinnati’s Coney Island / Kings Island (a 10-page feature charting the 1870 founding of Ohio Grove – the Coney Island of the West and its 1972 rebirth as Kings Island. All the park’s past and present roller coasters are covered, including important people, major TV appearances and key events during Kings Island’s 45-year history). Profile of Don Helbig (public relations / area manager at Kings Island). Part 2 – ACE UK! 2015 (12 pages: ACE visits Drayton Manor Park +a focus on “G Force”, Legoland Windsor, Chessington World of Adventures, Dreamland Margate, Adventure Island, and Thorpe Park +a focus on “The Swarm”). Canadian wood coasters (5 pages: looking back at Canada’s wooden coaster history +will Canada ever welcome another woodie?). 2 ACE members’ profiles. This issue includes a full page ACE UK! 2015 group photo. [Front cover: “Troy” at Toverland. Back cover: “Vortex” at Kings Island]. [visit ACE]


ACE139[Magazine Vol.38/No.1: Fall 2016. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin thanks members for their photo contributions). Coaster Con XXXIX (12 pages: ACE visits Six Flags St. Louis and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari +behind-the-scenes tours, auctions, food, fun, games and competitions, 2016 ACE election, presentations, ERTs, etc.). Profile of Pete Carmichael (president at Six Flags St. Louis). B&M 100 (12 pages featuring the first 100 Bolliger & Mabillard roller coasters). The Dive Coaster (6 pages: all about the introduction, growing pains and stellar adolescence of B&M’s most enigmatic, misunderstood creation). Building a Model of Rye Beach Playland’s “Airplane” Coaster (5 pages: Tim Cole explains the model making process). Funday in the Parc with Astérix (4 pages: ACE member Rendell Bird reports back from Parc Astérix). 2 ACE members’ profiles. This issue includes two full page Coaster Con XXXIX group photos taken at Six Flags St. Louis and Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari, as well as one full page Preservation Conference 2016 group photo taken at Lagoon. [Front cover: “Screamin’ Eagle” at Six Flags St. Louis. Back cover: “Thunderbird” at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari]. [visit ACE]


ACE140[Magazine Vol.38/No.2: Winter 2017. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin invites you to enjoy the “new coasters” issue of RollerCoaster!). Members’ letters. Phantasialand’s “Raik” and “Taron” (a 5-page feature +a park and rides review). Origins of Adventureland’s “Monster” (5 pages: Adam Sandy explains all from an industry insider’s perspective). Cedar Point’s “Valravn” (a 4-page review). SeaWorld Orlando’s “Mako” (a 4-page insight +review). Interview with Ed Hart (4 pages: the president of Kentucky Kingdom answers questions about the “Storm Chaser” roller coaster). Profile of Ed Hart (park president of Kentucky Kingdom). Dollywood’s “Lightning Rod” (a 5-page insight). Busch Gardens Tampa’s “Cobra’s Curse” (a 4-page review). Kolmården’s “Wildfire” (a 4-page review). Six Flags Discovery Kingdom’s “The Joker” (a 5-page insight +review). Two New Coasters For 2016 (1 page: “Phobia Phear Coaster” at Lake Compounce, and “The Joker” at Six Flags Great Adventure). Virtual Reality (2 pages: is Virtual Reality on roller coasters a momentary industry flirtation?). [Front cover: Phantasialand’s “Taron.” Back cover: Kentucky Kingdom’s “Storm Chaser”]. [visit ACE]


[Magazine Vol.38/No.3: Spring 2017. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin’s opening welcome). Intamin Turns 50 (a 14-page feature celebrating Intamin Amusement Rides’ 50th anniversary 1967–2017). Small Parks In North America (10 pages: +Calaway Park, Galaxyland Amusement Park, Perimágico, El Parque De La Selva, Parque De Diversiones Selva Mágica, Camden Park, Enchanted Forest, Happy Hollow Park and Zoo, Oaks Amusement Park, Pixieland Amusement Park, and Sonoma Traintown Railroad). Baynum Painting Inc. (6 pages focusing on Chris Baynum and his 32-year career painting roller coaster structures). Profile of Chris Baynum (president at Baynum Painting Inc.). Pinfari – Zyklons, Big Apples and Other Coasters (8 pages: the history of Pinfari and their roller coasters). The Wide World of Wacky Worms (1 page: “Pinfari’s classic ‘Big Apple’ has given rise to one of the most imitated coasters of all time: the Wacky Worm”). Sign Me Up (4 pages of mistranslated amusement park signage). 2 ACE members’ profiles. [Front cover: Cedar Point’s “Millennium Force.” Back cover: a twilight/silhouetted view of “Rollies Coaster” at Morey’s Piers]. [visit ACE]


[Magazine Vol.38/No.4: Summer 2017. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin’s opening welcome). Members’ letters, thoughts and feedback. ACE South of the Border 2017 (16 pages: ACE visits the parks of Mexico – Bosque Mágico, Parque Plaza Sesamo, Selva Mágica, Six Flags Mexico, La Feria Chapultepec Mágico and Perimágico +a bonus visit to the ancient Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan). Six Flags Over Georgia is 50-Years-Old (a 15-page feature celebrating Six Flags Over Georgia’s 50th anniversary 1967–2017, including the park’s history and the notable rides and roller coasters past and present). Profile of Dale Kaetzel (president at Six Flags Over Georgia). Walibi Holland’s Lost Gravity (a 6-page park and coaster review). Zero G (3 pages: Alan and Tony Shick experience ultimate airtime aboard “G-Force One”, a modified Boeing 747). 2 ACE members’ profiles. This issue includes a full page ACE South of the Border group photo taken at Six Flags Mexico, as well as one full page Preservation Conference 2017 group photo taken at Lake Winnepesauka. [Front cover: “Montaña Rusa” at La Feria Chapultepec Mágico. Back cover: “Georgia Cyclone” at Six Flags Over Georgia]. [visit ACE]


[Magazine Vol.39/No.1: Fall 2017. 22x28cm – 48 Pages – Full colour]. Chapter Points: Editorial (Tim Baldwin remains impressed with Texas’ hospitality during Coaster Con XL). Coaster Con XL (21 pages: ACE visits Six Flags Fiesta Texas, SeaWorld San Antonio including the San Antonio Riverwalk, ZDT’s Amusement Park and Morgan’s Wonderland +merchandise sales, ERTs, behind-the-scenes tours, food, games, industry presentations, the Coaster Con XL Photo Contest Competition and winners, etc.). Profile of Jeff Filicko (marketing manager at Six Flags Fiesta Texas). Profile of Danny Donhauser (co-owner of ZDT’s Amusement Park). SeaWorld San Antonio and Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster (a 6-page park and coaster review). The Coney Island Cyclone (a 6-page photo essay by Jim McDonnell in celebration of the Cyclone’s 90th anniversary). Japan Update (6 pages: Lisa Scheinin reports from Legoland Japan, Kisarapia, Kono Koen, and Lunapark Maebashi). 2 ACE members’ profiles. This issue includes two half-page Coaster Con XL group photos taken at Six Flags Fiesta Texas and ZDT’s Amusement Park, as well as two half-page Summer Conference 2017 group photos taken at Arnolds Park and Valleyfair! [Front cover: “Iron Rattler” at Six Flags Fiesta Texas. Back cover: “Wave Breaker: The Rescue Coaster” at SeaWorld San Antonio]. [visit ACE]