DVD_KingOfTheKirmes[DVD: SZ-TV – 2009 – 32 mins]. “King of the Fair” they are in sixth generation exhibitors: The Distels from Munich. The patriarch, 81 years-old Heinz Distel was even born in a car beside the roundabouts of his parents. Sons Eugen and Heiner and oldest daughter Gabi, operate the rides. When Heinz walks the fair, he meets familiar showmen from past times – and no ride seems unknown to him. The Autoscooter remains popular thanks to the Distels’ inventions, and they keep up to speed with the public’s expectations. Meeting safety requirements is par for the course, and it’s not all fun. This programme follows three generations of the Distels and the bustle in their life (German narration). ANDY SHINE SAYS: A revealing portrait of the travelling showman’s lifestyle. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.