SteelPierLiebowitz[Book: Steve Liebowitz – 2009 – 25x29cm – 266 Pages – Many B&W and colour photos]. “There was nothing else like it. For much of the 20th century, Steel Pier (Atlantic City, New Jersey) was the center of American entertainment on the East Coast. There were big bands, movies, sideshows, acrobats, flagpole sitters, Frank Sinatra, Miss America – and throngs of people lining up to get a seat so they could watch brave horses and riders dive into a pool of water. It was aptly called the ‘Showplace of the Nation’ and it was all that and more. It was Steel Pier. This all-in-one entertainment mecca, novel in its day, has never been matched, not even at latter-day theme parks. Memories of the excitement and wonder of Steel Pier remain untarnished. Where else could you take the entire family for a day and see fortune-telling parakeets, the World of Tomorrow, John Philip Sousa and his band, a bear on a bicycle, World Famous Diving Horses, take a ride below the sea in the Diving Bell, spend the evening in the marine ballroom, and take in a movie – all for one ticket? It was a colossal offering of escape, popular culture, fun and fantasy…” Chapter Points: Beginning of the “World’s Playground”; Amusement Piers – The New Attraction; Steel Pier’s Early Years; The Minstrel Shows; Frank Gravatt – Entrepreneur and Innovator; George A. Hamid – Top Showman; Entertainers Hit the Stage; Orchestras and the Big Bands; World Famous Diving Horses; Wacky Stunts and Exhibits; There She is – Miss America…; Kids – In the Audience and On Stage; Movies and Hollywood Attractions; Easter Sunday on the Pier; Inside a Landmark Resort; The End of an Era and an Icon; Epilogue; Acknowledgments; Bibliography; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.