DVD_SpiritsOfTheCarnival[DVD: Paper Bark Films PTY LTD – 1995 – 58 mins]. People have always looked for ways to have fun. Sigmund Freud called it “The Pleasure Principal;” since 1912 Australians have called it ‘LUNAPARK.’ This is the story about the magic of amusement parks, and two men who built a city’s dream. Plagued by controversy, the dream of bringing pleasure to people was not easy. With each decade LUNA PARK (Sydney, Australia) had to compete with changing social values, advancing technology and the dream of a new age. Behind the smiling face lies a story of sweat, greed, competition and tragedy that very nearly destroyed the dream forever. ANDY SHINE SAYS: “Spirits of the Carnival: Luna Park – The Quest For Fun” tells a difficult and rather emotional story very well. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Excellent / Recommended.