DVD_LincolnParkRemembered[DVD: Spinner Publications – 1999 – 45 mins]. In its 93-year lifespan, Lincoln Park (North Dartmouth, Massachusetts) was so much more than an amusement park. It was a vibrant meeting place for many generations of residents in southeastern New England. From the clambake pavilion, to the roller-skating rink, to the sounds of the big bands in the great ballroom, Lincoln Park was a magical part of many lives. The film opens in 1920 as we board the coaster, carousel, swings and roundabouts. In 1950 we are afforded a tour through the park – from the walkway to the Fun House and the Penny Arcade. Footage from 1954 takes us on boat rides and airplanes, through concessions and games, and finally a heart-stopping ride on the roller coaster. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A wonderful programme capturing the fun and excitement of this long lost park. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.