Drievliet70Jaar[Book: Sonja Havermans – 2008 – 20x21cm – 86 Pages – Full colour]. Celebrating seventy years of Drievliet Familiepark (Rijswijk, The Netherlands). From its founding in 1937, read about the many events that have shaped the park we see today. See and read about the Jet Star coaster, the Carousel, Enterprise wheel, Swinging ship, Dynamite Express, Bumping cars, Ferris wheel, and the 2007 launched coaster, Formule X. Chapter Points: Foreword (by Sonja Havermans); Bird in Flight; From Playground to Family Park; The Three of Drievliet; Afterword (by Willem van der Ende and Jan Eijken). [Dutch script throughout]. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good / Recommended.