DVD_Slayground[DVD: Thorn EMI Films – 1983 – 85 mins]. Starring Peter Coyote, Mel Smith and Billie Whitelaw, Slayground is a story of savage revenge, relentless pursuit and cold-blooded murder. It’s also the story of a man named Stone, an armed robber with his own set of morals and ethics – no violence and no senseless killing. But when a routine robbery results in a young girl being accidentally killed, Stone finds himself in serious trouble when the dead girl’s father’s grief turns into an obsession for revenge. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Slayground features scenes recorded at Southport Pleasureland and Blackpool Pleasure Beach (England). With a climb of the Cyclone’s lift hill, a stakeout in the River Caves, a gun-fight inside the Derby Racer and murder inside the Alice in Wonderland ride, the 16 minutes of parks’ footage makes it worthy of inclusion here. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair / Good.