VHS_SixFlagsMagicMountain[VHS: Video Tours Inc. – 1989 – 30 mins]. Challenge Six Flags Magic Mountain’s (Valencia, California) world-renowned roller coasters and action-packed rides. Dare to relive the awesome power of Ninja, the black belt of roller coasters. Unveil the magic of Colossus, the world’s largest, and one of the fastest wooden duel-track roller coasters. And along the way take a heart-pounding plunge on Tidal Wave, it’s the wettest, wildest water ride ever conceived. Experience total weightlessness on Freefall and Z Force. With Roaring Rapids, Jet Stream and Log Jammer, it’s a splash landing all the way. Also features Condor, Gold Rusher, Revolution and more. This presentation brings home the excitement and memories of a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain, where action is the attraction. ANDY SHINE SAYS: A mediocre attempt at showcasing Six Flags Magic Mountain. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.