DVD_SingAsWeGo[DVD: 1934 – 75 mins]. Widely recognised as Gracie Fields’ most loved film, this magical musical comedy has all the right ingredients – and a feast of nostalgia! When the textile mill closes down, Gracie Platt (Gracie Fields) finds herself out of a job and so she has to try and find work in Blackpool. “Sing As We Go” offers a fascinating insight into 1930s Northern working class life and a thoroughly entertaining and uplifting experience. [Second feature: “Love Life & Laughter” 1934 – 81 mins]. ANDY SHINE SAYS: Only available on VHS until now, this B&W film features various scenes of the Pleasure Beach, Blackpool (Virginia Reel, Noah’s Ark, Flying Machines, Jack and Jill Slide, Fun House, Cuddle Up, (original) Big Dipper, Grotto, etc.). ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.