ChippewaLakeParkDiary[Book: Sharon L.D. Kraynek – 1988 – 21x27cm – 156 Pages – Many B&W photos]. The Diary of an Amusement Park. Located about 35 miles south on interstate 71 from Cleveland or 15 minutes west on interstate 76 from Akron, in the village of Chippewa Lake, Ohio; Chippewa Lake Park was open to the public for thirteen summer weeks each year. On hot summer days the blinking lights of the red and white Chippewa Lake Park sign, complete with an Indian head rigged in full bonnet welcomed arrivals. There were no gates to pass through, no one collecting money for parking the car – just an open atmosphere welcoming one and all to a good time and enjoyment. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Fair.

  • Derek Sailors

    This was my first book on Chippewa Lake. I both enjoyed it and got bored with it. There was tons of great information on the lake itself, cottages surrounding the lake, picnics, dancing and the big bands in the park. Great detail in those areas and some great photos. The book did lack a bit on what interests me the most and that would be the amusement rides and coasters. I am still happy to have it in my collection despite my rating of only 5.5/10.