BradyLakePark[Book: Fred F. Endres – 2014 – 22x28cm – 104 Pages – Many B&W photos]. “Brady Lake Park (Ravenna, Ohio) opened in 1891 as a rustic resort in Northeast Ohio, catering to those who wanted to camp, fish, have a picnic and watch a ball game. Over the next half century, it became more of a traditional amusement park. By the time it closed, it had been operated by Spiritualists – who offered swimming, rides and séances – and by Cleveland racketeers, who turned it into a lucrative gambling emporium loaded with slot machines and high-stakes bingo games. In between, it was run by wheeler-dealers, who brought in top notch entertainment, from Gertrude Ederle to Guy Lombardo, Rudy Vallee and Cab Calloway. This is the fascinating story of the old park that, at one time, welcomed hundreds of thousands of visitors from Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.” Chapter Points: Introduction / Acknowledgements; A Resort for the Better Classes (1890-1891); Pack A Picnic, Take A Dip, Attend A Séance (1892-1899); The Spirits No Longer Float About (1900-1902); The Electric Park (1902-1904); D.G. Hartman And The East Liverpool Bunch (1905-1917); Lock, Stock and Carousel (1918-1923); A Wonderful Spot For Profit (1924-1926); May I Have This Dance? (1927); The Golden Age (1928); The Crash (1929-1937); Step Right Up, Ladies and Gentlemen (1938-1941); ‘Cleveland Interests’ (1942-1944); A Notorious Cheat Spot (1945-1949); Old, Unpopular, Unprofitable (1950-1961); Afterword: Cotton Candy, Carousels, Concessions; About the Author; A Brady Lake Park Photo Album; Credits; Index. ANDY SHINE’S RATING: Good.